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After leaving her husband, Antonio, Claire has lived apart from him for five years. Determined to move on with her life, Claire finally files for divorce. When they were younger, they got married after she became pregnant, but after Claire miscarried, their relationship grew cold, and their life together lasted only a year. Not accepting the filing sent to him by Claire’s lawyer, Antonio demands to meet her face-to-face. Claire reluctantly agrees, and she is absolutely shocked by Antonio’s conditions for their divorce!

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This manga was awful 1  1

This manga was a trial in my own patience on if I could keep reading and give it a chance after I was absolutely sure I could not stand either of the characters or the story... in the end, I failed the trial. I had to stop reading a little more than 1/2 way through and after the first few pages, I had already started skimming it instead of reading the whole thing cause it was so bad. The woman obviously has some sort of major mental health issues which was made clear early in the story. The man was a jerk but also a weakling... he was all over the map really from grabbing her when he's upset to showing no emotional response. The drama is all forced and imaginary. Made up in the girl's overactive imagination... except when the guy grabs her... With someone as crazy as her, you'd think he'd jump at the opportunity to get a divorce and have a chance with someone more mentally stable. He obviously has his issues too, but she's quite a bit worse. One of the things that really got to me is that the girl stopped taking her birth control pills MONTHS earlier but then snaps on the lead male for getting pregnant like she wasn't supposed to know that she could get pregnant if she stopped taking the pills for months and that he should have told her that stopping the pill for so long could result in pregnancy... he backed down and said he wasn't saying it was her fault.... which is insane... she choose to stop taking her pills on her own... knowing what they were for... Her mental health symptoms from all the extreme emotional tailspins seem like an extreme form of bipolar with probably some other mental health issues as well. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt because she lost her baby... but I just couldn't put up with it, the story was too awful.

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didn't spark my interest 2  2

The book was stomaching that I wasn't interested in except the fact that there are two sides to the story and the heroine's half brother's loyalty to her because he stole the hero's car and crashed it in order get revenge for hurting his sister. A sweet but incredibly idiotic gesture because if you're going to do something illegal in the try of hurt family members, try not to get caught. Then there's also the fact that neither party attempted to visit each other or work things out during their five year separation. It just wasn't something that sparked my interest.

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eh.! 1  1

Expected way too much again. From just the description, I thought I would love this story. But nope, I DO NOT LIKE IT!

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