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Samantha is the secretary of Guy, an extraordinarily handsome and sexy CEO. Although she longs for a day when her hidden feelings for him will finally be recognized, he only dates girls who are her complete opposite—he’s never once noticed her. No longer able to take it, Samantha turns in her resignation. However, at that moment Guy’s father is hospitalized. Worried about losing his only remaining blood relative, he asks Samantha to find him a woman who will bear his child and who won’t expect marriage. And Samantha impulsively announces that she is the woman he seeks!

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what an arrangement 5  5

The hero and heroine are Ceo and secretary of a business relationship for five years. That is until the heroine has had enough of her secret love for the hero and hands in her 2 months notice resignation. The hero is shocked and tries to entice the heroine back into business with more vacation, bonuses, and a partnership. Nevertheless, the heroine stands strong. Later on, the hero suffers a fear attack when his father is admitted into the hospital for immediate surgery. The thought of having no blood relatives causes the hero to make a unusual request for the heroine: find him a woman that will bear his child, so when his dad is gone, then he won't be alone. What is even more surprising is the fact that the heroine offers herself up as a logical choice and when she lists her reasons, like financially supporting her with the partnership, so she won't need to leave. Then the hero brings up that he wants to conceive the child through the "traditional means" many times till she gets pregnant and not use artificial insemination. The hero doesn't want a marriage because his father has remarried three times and divorced three times so marriage to him doesn't look good. *( side note: page 31 has the hero wearing a leopard print tie and to me, it looks tacky). Then the hero eavesdrop on the heroine's conversation with her aunt calling Tom a "player" and such. The hero thinks that the heroine is talking about sleeping with a man, when it's actually a cat cuddling her!!! The hero agrees to the heroine's arrangement and they start tonight. They have somewhat of a dinner date that has a bit of comedy and naughty atmosphere to it and I liked it. The intimate scenes were very good as well. However, the next morning, the hero wants to forgo the arrangement like making a baby. I like how we are able to see both sides of the hero and heroine with the heroine baiting the hero and the hero chasing it. Then the OM (old flame from high school reunites with the heroine) and the hero has to watch them stroll away *together*. There was also the flashback of how they started their business together, shows of how their relationship was. Then on the last day of the heroine working for the hero, the hero goes after her and demands that she stay with him. The situation escalates into a fight with the heroine fainting and learning from the doctor that she's pregnant. This news scares of the old flame and has the hero all attentive. Although, the heroine sees something different about the hero that scares the heroine. I liked that the hero and heroine have people to go to about their life problems and are able to seek advice. When coming towards the end, I LOVED the hero's face when he found out that Tom was a cat, it was so hilarious. I loved the ending between the two because they talked it out and it was sweet. I do wish that there was an epilogue of a baby in there. In the end, it was a good book to rent and read.

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❤️ 5  5

I loved it!!! There were a lot of funny moments that made the reading really entertaining. Also I like the fact that the heroine is not a push over and the hero is soo cute whenever he gets jealous hahaha!!! two thumbs up for the art and story!

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