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After Shannon’s husband, Alan, who was twenty-five years her senior, contracted a terminal illness, rumors began to circulate that she’s a fortune hunter who married him for his money. But nothing could be further from the truth; she loves him with all her heart. Just before he passes, he urges her to go to his business partner, Jase Pembrooke, and marry him. Handsome, charming and brimming with confidence, Jase is certainly the sort of man a woman could fall for, but Shannon is too faithful to Alan to even think of pursuing a new romance. Still, after she inherits Alan’s half of the company, Shannon and Jase become comanagers…and true love begins to bloom between them...

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it was fine. 3  3

The hero comes back to help the heroine with the company after her husband dies. They all worked together to start up the company then the hero left to expand the business after the heroine and friend married. The hero takes her to his town to help with the company but trouble in the form of the heroine's ex-brother-in-law makes calls to bully and harass the heroine into many things like giving up her share of the money left by the brother. She gets nice welcome from the employees at work but a short chat with an OW leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. The hero asks the heroine to marry him one more time but the heroine says that she needs more time because she's still in love with the late husband but she gets a longing look when she sees the hero smiling at a female employee. The BIL's harassment becomes worse as he gets her on the police radar for suspicion of theft for family jewels (her engagement ring?) and money. The hero reasons with the detectives and listens to the heroine's side of the story. He has to go with for a business trip and during this time, the heroine has: 1) found out she's in love with him, 2) gets more calls harassing calls from BIL, and 3) if the late husband planned for the hero and heroine to get together. It takes a fire for the heroine to almost do the deed, have the heroine panic of doing it because it means she betrayed her husband, and the hero is left wondering why she left him. The hero himself gets a harassment call from the BIL who says the exact same that he said to the heroine. The hero puts two and two together and runs off to find the heroine. When he finds the heroine, she's crying over a letter that was given to her by the late husband who reveals that he knew the hero had a thing for the heroine at the time as she did him. However, they didn't think the other felt the same and the husband fell for the heroine. He asks in the letter for them to be happy and if they do fall in love again then get married and be happy. The letter gives them the release of betraying the husband and they date for a year before marrying and it ends on a happy tune with them expecting their first child.

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