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Kaz, abandoned by her family and unable to attend school, makes up a new name and résumé in order to get a job. She refuses to give up and succeeds by pretending to be a self-assured, coolheaded woman…even if she is a twenty-eight-year-old virgin. Her friends laugh at her, but Kaz doesn’t care. When she visits a house she inherited from her late aunt, she encounters a reliable man named Galem, who makes her heart beat fast. And, underneath her independent facade, she really wants someone to know her true self… But if she knew Galem was trying to take her house for himself, would she feel the same way?

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read through before writing 3  3

The heroine has never had a proper education nor anything of familial value to hold close. She lies in order to survive and proves her capability through her work performance and dedication. Then she gets the news of inheriting a home from a recently deceased dead aunt. To her, she feels like it's her chance to finally have a family home or something close to that. However, things don't go her way with slipping off the road, finding the house is rotting inside and out, and meets the hero who she's suspicious of. She tries to hire him to work with her on cleaning up the house but he refuses. Then the whole falling tree and she decides to seduce. He rejects her offer at first then goes for it. Afterwards, things turn south when the heroine finds out the hero is her new boss and he knows about her identity lie. Both of them call each other out on lying. The heroine sets to leaves since according to her, she's lost everything. However, the hero doesn't let her and wants her to keep working because her of loyalty and hardworking for the company. He also reveals that the house was his family home that his father gave to his mistress (heroine's aunt). He says that he had plans to negotiate with her but didn't expect to fall in love with her. The hero wanted the heroine to fall in love with him for him and she says that she wants to fall in love too. Next, he asks her to marry him and she rejects his proposal at first but she later on agrees to it and they get married in the end. It was alright but some things just didn't click with me.

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wow shes really thirsty 1  1

I did not like her. A liar who forged her resume and credentials who sleeps with a man she made 3 days later. They're both idiots.

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