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Maya, who grew up an orphan, married the first son of the Sabbatini family, a wealthy hotel tycoon, but her failure to give him a successor has created a divide between her and the rest of his family. Five years later, she left the marriage…and Giorgio didn’t even try to stop her. Months afterward, she bumped into him again, and their passions led to one last encounter… Six month after that, she found out that she’s finally pregnant…but, for the child’s sake, she won’t let that cold family know about it!

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shame on the mother in law 4 4  4

This one was interesting because it was different from the original book. One, the reviews from the original book portray the hero as a jerk whose head should be pounded down with golf sizes pieces of hail. In this book, he's not really a jerk but misunderstood. We have the hero and heroine who are in the process of divorcing from the heroine getting tired of from their five-year marriage dealing with the loss of four miscarriages and the pressure from the mother-in-law to have a grandchild. The hero and heroine were going to separate but after the wedding of the hero's brother, they had one passionate night. This resulted in the heroine getting pregnant again and not wanting to tell anyone because it might be just another miscarriage. The hero asks the heroine to go to a birthday in honor of his grandfather who was one of the few kind members of the family to the heroine who said, "a baby is a gift from god, so don't feel rushed". It's a lovely quote and I wish that he had said to the mother-in-law. At the party, the hero and the heroine come up with a charade of getting back together in order to make the grandfather happy. After the part, they go back where the hero finds the positive pregnancy test and wants answers. There is a little spat but the hero apologizes with an actual sorry and they start to slowly reconnect for the sake of the baby. I also liked that we get to see the hero's point of view and he truly loves the heroine, really suffers from the loss of their children, and the problem is that he's not good with expressing it. I think that their marriage would have survived had the self mother in law had not lived in their house the whole time, pressuring the heroine to give her a grandchild. I like how the hero stood up to his mother in a soft way as I would put about the new child coming in. The hero and heroine have some bumps along the road of getting past the date where she lost the children and more. Then we find out the truth that had me spitting fire at the mother in law. We learn that at the age of 6, the hero found his baby sister dead, which caused his mother go into depression, his father to lose himself, and basically he had to grow and not show any emotions in order to be strong. This is why I was so ticked at the woman, she knew what kind of pain the poor heroine was going through but instead of sharing sympathy and comforting her, she just kept pressing her to have a grandchild. I wish someone had said what I wrote to her face in order for her to get a good look in the mirror. I love the how they become open with each other and the ending was just right with their cute little baby. A good book to read.

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