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After a terrible plane crash, Cynthia Dempsey miraculously woke up in a hospital bed. But she’d lost her memories, even her memories of her handsome multimillionaire fiancé named Will. All she remembers is her name and the feeling of this man’s warm hand pulling her out of the dark grasp of death. He greeted her warmly then, but has had this conflicted look on his face ever since. Will Cynthia ever be able to make sense of her memories or her heart?

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finding you and love 3  3

When the heroine wakes up from surviving a horrible plane crash with family and fiancee surrounding her, she doesn't recognize anyone. She even thinks she may not be their person but doesn't know because she has amnesia. It turns out the heroine was right and she's not the daughter or the fiancee but a down and out fashion designer who couldn't get her big break. She was heading home and sat with the OW who struck up a conversation. When the OW dropped her engagement ring, the heroine bent down to pick it up and that's when the plane plummeted. The family notices the strange change in her loved one's behavior but write it off as one of the effects of the crash and amnesia. When she's out of the hospital, the heroine goes to live with the hero and work through this other woman's life. She learns their engagement ended when he discovered she was cheating on him. The hero doesn't mind since they were in love with each other but were marrying for business. The heroine goes through with dealing bits and pieces of words slowly coming back. She also reads about the woman's affair from letters she left behind but she starts to fall in love with the hero and creates clothes. Frankly, I'm surprised the hero never suspected they had the wrong person nor investigated with use of hair or spit after spending time with the heroine. Not even the huge clues caused him to wonder like she can cook a great meal (OW couldn't) and had skills with a needle and sewing machine to create beautiful clothes; not something an agency manager would know. The hero starts becoming close with the hero, though the voicemail messages from the OW's lover kills the romance from time to time. The heroine states she doesn't know the lover and manages to convince the hero. She catches her big break when she takes a dress she designed to a fancy party and it catches the good eye of a big fashion critique with the heroine. The hero and heroine finally get together. And the hero finally finds the evidence that prove the heroine isn't the OW. The hero finally puts the pieces together and discovers the who the heroine really is. During this time, the heroine finally gets her memories back but she gets them back at the wrong time. This is because the hero overhears her and thinks she was playing him in order to get her big break. She states it's not true but he doesn't believe her and kicks her out. She finally meets the parents and explains she got her identity back and knows who she really is. The mother offers her a place to stay and work through things. The mother can see the heroine is honest because if she was trying to fool the woman then she would have called her mom but the heroine kept calling her Mrs. Dempsey. After the media parade, the heroine gets a call from a fashion critique that she wants to do business with the heroine. After a while, Mr. Dempsey advises the hero to think if he truly thought the heroine was someone with evil intentions. As the hero looks over what the heroine left behind in his apartment, he sees the truth. He blames himself but prompts to go after the heroine. When he finds her in her hometown, asking for her forgiveness for all the horrible things he said to her and for a second chance. He confesses his love and asks for the heroine to marry him. The heroine responds with a confession of love herself. Two days later, the heroine is showcasing her clothes at one of the biggest fashion shows in New York. The feedback is huge and positive with the hero and heroine beginning their new lives together.

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