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Despite her better judgment, Angie, a secretary, has unrequited feelings for her boss, Lucius, who is known by his employees as “the Devil.” Concealing these feelings, she buries herself in her work as his subordinate. But when Angie discovers the “Apprentice Bride Program” Lucius has commissioned to help him search for a wife, she approaches the program’s creator to ask that the results be rigged so that she will be put forth as Lucius’s perfect apprentice bride!

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editor's comment - March 31st, 2017

The cover page of this comic attracted me. A love story at work place. It is interesting to see how hero started to behave awkardly after he saw heroine in her gorgeous dress instead of her everyday secretary suit.

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More than perfect 5  5

Super cool, full of surprises and a happy ending like everyone loves.

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heart over program 3  3

The heroine has had a crush on her boss for a long time and finds herself an opportunity to be with him when he start searching for a wife. His reason: he's recent been named the guardian of a baby boy who was the child between his best and kindest friend and an ex. However, he's in a custody battle with the baby's grandparents who he knows from the friend that they were a cold type of people. The hero can't believe the idea of the little boy growing up in that snobby and cold atmosphere that he's looking for any respectable woman that will have him. He also tells the heroine to dress up for a dinner meeting and use her feminine appeal to bring the party to their side. Apparently, the woman had a lot of appeal where the hero was shocked to see her. The funny thing is, he already knew how sexy she was when he found her asleep on the office couch with skirt and shirt hiked up. The hero tries to seduce the heroine but memories of that matches the hero's situation of lovers betraying them for their best friends kills the mood. The heroine learns of the hero's program to find himself a bride and decides to take a chance to have the program change in favor of her. It's something that shocks the hero but he goes along with it. He proposes the a trial period to see if they could be a perfect match for each other. They open about certain things like the hero's relationship with the dead friend and the heroine's issue with being compensated for this. However, their trial period ends the minute the hero tells the grandmother that they're engaged and they have to get married as soon as possible. Then the hero tells the heroine that the other reason why he wants the child is because the child might be his because of timing the Ex spent with both hero and friend is within range of conception. The heroine comforts the hero and gives him a chance to breathe it all out. Then the heroine discovers a greater chance of the boy being the hero's by his allergic reaction to a fruit that matches the hero's reaction. She realizes that with this proof, the hero doesn't need to marry her and it will destroy her chances of him ever marrying her. However, she chooses to send in the DNA test and evidence of the allergy for the hero. However, before the results come in, the hero discovers the heroines' deception with the programming. He doesn't take it well and they argue only for a bit before the heroine submits and leaves. The hero goes home to find a letter from the heroine, explaining about the DNA test results that proof the boy is in fact, the hero's son. The next morning, the heroine wakes up to the sound of the hero's and baby boy's voices. The hero apologizes to the heroine for all the things that he said and we get a nice little confession from the both of them. It was a decent read.

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