Historical Romance A FAIRYTALE SEASON

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Nell is looking for her missing brother, and she has taken a job serving the princess of Merklestein so she can accompany her on the long voyage to the isle of Antigua. That is where her brother went missing, and that is where she hopes to find him. Nell has to put up with many selfish demands from the princess before she can secure a place on the voyage, but a twist of fate sees the ship leave port with Nell and Olga, the princess’s sister's secretary…and without the princess. Olga then coaxes Nell to pretend to be the princess! Will Nell be able to keep up the ruse during the two-week voyage?

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who's who and a clue 4  4

The heroine is pulled into quite a fix in her century. She's the interpreter/ maid for a very snobbish princess who needs a month long session in humanity and manners. I mean at the end of every sentence she says, it's ends with, "go to jail.". They're going to a country where the heroine's brother lives and she needs this job because her last job as a governess had a boss who tried putting his hands more on her than his wife then had her fired for rejecting his "hospitality" and lies to his wife, saying the heroine seduced him. The princess trips and has a fit when the hero suddenly in swoops and charms the princess enough for her to actually say a nice word. The hero is quite infatuated with his kind words to her. Then princess decides not to go on the ship, so she sends the heroine to get the bags. Once, the heroine gets to the room, she becomes so exhausted and tired that she falls asleep. She wakes up to meet the secretary of the cousin of the princess, the princess is at a hotel, and the ship has already departed. She's shocked and frightened that they have assumed the identities of two powerful women. The heroine meets a hairy man who limps, coughs, and strangely smells like the hero and she takes a peek after the stranger drops her off at her room to see him walking fine and no cough coming out from him. Then she catches the secretary admitting to being called by her boss's name to the captain and that the princess has recovered. Now, the secretary tells the heroine her boss sent her to help with the luggage but after carrying the heroine to the sofa and not being able to communicate with the Captain of the news, they were sent off. She also tells the heroine that if they tell the truth then they'll be put on the next boat back and the heroine won't be able to see her brother. Not to mention for disobeying a royal order, the secretary will be sent to the gallows, so the heroine agrees to take on the role of the princess. They dress up and head to the ball where the heroine runs into the hero who recognizes the heroine but keeps quiet. Then we head into a game of clues where the heroine meets recurring characters like a duchess and her granddaughter, a reverend, and a grand duke. The reason why I call this clues is because soon reports of burglaries in the rooms pop up all over the ship. The heroines escapes outside with the hero following her where they have a nice conversation that leads to a kiss but the hero pulls away apologizing. Then the heroine starts making fun things happen by making a Christmas choir from the children of the 2nd floor, despite the objections from the stuffy old duchess. They have another talk where the hero expressed his wish to kiss the heroine in public and asks her to marry him but thinking he's proposing to the princess and not to the heroine herself, rejects his proposal. The heroine is panicking when news of the stranger conducting searches for the missing items but the secretary is as calm as a cucumber with the whole situation that it even unsettles the heroine. After the stuffy duchess's pearls are stolen, the heroine discovers that the stranger and the hero are one in the same. She goes to her room to find the granddaughter there with the hero right behind her but the granddaughter disappears. The hero reveals that the heroine is an imposter but the heroine explains her actions and demands to know who the hero is when she tells him that she saw him taking off the stranger costume. It turns out that the hero is the owner of the ship itself and has been incognito to find the true burglar. The duchess comes in to reveal that the pearls are a fake and was pretended they had been robbed in order to get the insurance payout as if they were the real ones. Then the true culprit is revealed to be the first person who said their things had been stolen: the grand duke. Then the hero tells her when they arrive in port, she will need a form of identification and the best way for her not to be sent away is to marry the hero because you don't send the wife of a rich American man. The heroine happily says yes and they get married on Christmas and arrive at port on Christmas morning. Then we get another surprise; the secretary is really the princess's cousin who wanted to be a fairy godmother and give the heroine a push for fun and love. She also took the chance to miss the opportunity of spending two weeks with her snobbish cousin. The heroine and her brother reunite and they all have a happy ending.

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