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Isabella lost her parents and raised her younger brother, but it wasn’t easy—she went bankrupt taking care of the two of them and wound up destitute. She was running out of options when Jeremy, a handsome millionaire, reached out to her. He offered to support Isabella financially if she would become his mistress. In desperation, and despite the cold look on his face, Isabella accepted his terms... But when the time comes, will she be able to hold up her end of the deal?

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He was ill educated 3.7 4  4

The hero isn't a bad egg but he was given the wrong kind of education when it comes to love and marriage. He's fallen for a fallen heiress who's working to support herself and her brother. This is when she's working as a maid at a resort, so, the hero gave her money under the condition that she be his mistress for six months. That was three years ago from today's date and the heroine still sees him as a monster. The heroine signs the contract and they have their first party together immediately. The heroine's cousin is suspicious of the heroine's intentions as is the old friend of the heroine's before her family lost all their family and she was cleaning the friend's house but the hero defends her, in fact they don't even have sex. The hero tries to win the heroine although, he does succeed and fail. For example, when he wants to move her out of her apartment and give her more money, she rejects it because it's not what she wants and puts their relationship down as purely physical when the hero wants it all. The hero tells the heroine of his models for marriage how he was barely shown any love from his parents and how his father looked more happy to be with his mistress than with his wife. Crud, his father told him to get a mistress if he wanted to be happy. Man, I wish I was in there at that scene to whack for putting that kind of garbage in the hero's child head. So, he doesn't want to get married but will have a mistress. Then he starts sending her flowers, go out for dinner, and more. What I liked is when the hero's cousin and the heroine's old friend go to the hero to tell him of the heroine's father who went bankrupt, became an alcoholic, and all sorts of things. The heroine scolds them for insulting her father who paid his dues. The hero tells them that he knew all about it and still wants to be with the heroine because of how she is important to him. The hero comforts the hero as she opens about her father. He tells her that he was attracted to her three years ago because of her hardworking character. The two of them grow closer and closer together that the heroine throws a surprise birthday party for the hero with all his good friends, even the cousin and the heroine's old friend who have been forgiven and become friends themselves. The hero and heroine have build a good relationship until the last day of the contract. The hero brings up renewing their mistress contract with extra perks for the heroine. The heroine is shocked, tells the hero that she loves him and thought he wanted to marry her but he coldly tells her that he doesn't believe in love. So, the heroine ends their contract and they don't see each other for a two looking more miserable than cats without cream. The cousin goes to see both of them and learns what happened from the heroine. He asks the heroine to give the hero another chance and scolds the hero for his actions. He pours cold water on the hero's senses that the whole thing is nutty and when I mean cold water, I mean he literally throws a bucket of ice water on the hero. Then the hero gets an email from the heroine, showing him pictures of the party, he realizes that love exists and the heroine does love him. Without a second thought, the hero runs to the heroine's house in his wet clothes and slippers. The heroine surprised at the hero's appearance but is overcome with love when she hears the hero's apology and confession of love for her. They go inside to talk about their future and we have a happy ending.

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