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Carys’s ex-lover Alessandro, an Italian count in the Mattani family, has reappeared. They met two years ago at a ski resort, where Carys instantly fell in love with his passion, sexy body and vibrant emerald eyes. She believed her happiness would last forever, but he doubted Carys’s fidelity and cruelly threw her away. Carys’s bitter memories of their past heighten her unease, until he ensnares her with the same meltingly sweet, forceful kiss that seduced her once before!

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couldn't really forget. 3  3

The hero sees a picture of the heroine on a hotel brochure and feels a connection to her. She may be the key to his lost memories from his accident two years ago. The heroine gets the shock of her life when a telephone call from the hero, telling her to go to his suite and is baffled over what could he possibly want with her since he didn't believe her over the lie. So, two years ago, the hero and heroine were in a relationship of mistress and man till the heroine got a personal visit from the hero's stepmother to tell her that the hero was marrying a woman of respectable standard and he wouldn't have the time for a mistress. The heroine didn't believe her and goes to confront the hero but the hero accuses of being with other men. So, the heroine shouts that since he doesn't believe her, then she's leaving. She goes away and he doesn't go after her and that's that. Now, their conversation between the two goes hot and cold in the suite with the heroine running off, shouting at the hero for doing such things when he's married. The heroine is shocked at the title of married thrown at him. So, he does a little more digging to find the heroine with a baby boy and wonders who is the father. He goes to see the heroine and demands to know who the father is; his accusations hurt the heroine who gives him the startling news that he still denies paternity to his own son. The hero is thrown for a loop because he would never do that and when the little boy comes in, he finally sees the family resemblance. He takes off but not before telling the heroine that he's going to arrange a DNA test. The next day, he gives the heroine a marriage agreement and wants her to read through it and sign it. The heroine is surprised and asks what for since he's married but the hero says that he's never been married and the heroine sees that the stepmother must have lied to her. The heroine has trouble reading it but signs anyway, thinking the marriage of convenience is for appearance but the hero wants more. However, the heroine won't have it and tells him how can she have coitus with him when he accused her of cheating. So, the hero comes to the conclusion that the heroine did cheat on him, despite her objections and explanation then explains that it's all in the past and they need to move on. The hero thinks the heroine is like his mother who abandoned him and the fact she signed the marriage agreement that stipulated she would receive a large monthly allowance as way to keep her from abandoning the child. He thinks it but finds out that the heroine has a reading disorder, making it hard for her to read the words when tired or stressed in that situation. So, he realizes that she signed the marriage agreement without knowing about the allowance. The heroine has been shunned all her life by her intelligent family for having a reading disorder and I want to hit them all three times with a rolled up newspaper. The hero sees the suffering the heroine has endured and his grounds for not believing in the heroine crumble even more when his housekeeper from the house he lived in claimed to be a witness of their relationship and from their last fight and saw the hero running out after the heroine but he got in to the car accident that took his memories. The two comes to an understanding and hold each other close. Sadly, the hero's stepmother makes one more stand of how she was chosen to be the speaker at the big house party instead of the heroine, which really hurts the heroine. The hero discovers the mistake that was done by one of his staff, so he runs after the heroine who tells him that she's had enough of the miserable marriage and everyone treating her second rate. The hero grabs her and tells her that she's the thing that he's been searching for since two years ago and that he won't let the woman he love go for a second time. It's a very sweet reconciliation and the heroine handles herself beautifully in giving the speech at the big house party. They hold each other with the little boy right smack dab in the middle and kiss.

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