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Her father’s research project can only be completed with photographs of the frieze in the desert, and the only way she can get there is by joining Fraser Mallory’s survey expedition. However, there are two problems: her father and Fraser had a falling out with each other a long time ago, and Fraser never works with women. But there is a way to solve both problems at once—she’ll become “Corey” and pass herself off as a man!

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she's brave, he's okay 3  3

The heroine is a brave and fascinating woman in this story. She a top model who decides to rough it out in one of the harshest terrains in the world in order to photographs some ancient cave frescos, so her dad the geologist can study them. Personally, he would go himself but he's too old and has a strained relationship with the man in charge (the hero).The heroine offers herself but the father laughs it off because the hero won't allow the heroine to go because he has no respect for women and thinks they're pansies compared to the outdoors. I BEG YOUR PARDON!!!! Where the heck did you get the idea that women were pansies when it came to roughing it????!!! For a world wide known geologist, your education is sorely lacking when it comes to female figures in the geology world and any world that pertain to roughing it outdoors. Examples: this book was published in 1980, and there are a ton of excellent examples from over two centuries of women making contributions to scientific world. You have Gertude Bell who traveled all over Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, was considered a queen to the locals and fought for the preservation of relics and artifacts that should remain in their home nations. Then there's Marie Tharp, a geologist who worked in partnership with a man to create the first scientific map of the ocean floor. Then there's Sacagawea, who was a guide and interpreter for Lewis Clark, traveled across the rough and uncharted plain of the US, when she was pregnant, gave birth to a baby, and nursed on the road. These are just a few examples of women roughing it out in the wild or making huge contribution to the hero's geology department. So, where the heck does he get the right to say all that???? Happily, the heroine doesn't give up and undergoes a makeover to look like a man and be personally interviewed by the chauvinistic dunce of a hero. He gives his personal approval and they set off with three other guys (2 are nice & 1's a pig, probably there as support to the hero's jerky ways). The pig bullies and harasses the heroine and despite the hero saying that he's a good guy, I believe the nice guy 1 because he's just a prick throughout the entire book. In fact, a good example is when they accidently hit and kill a goat, the child herder starts crying and he yells at him. The heroine (still seen as a man) hugs the poor boy and comforts him, which attracts all the men who don't know what to do. They finally see that the heroine who's supposed to be a he is actually a she. The hero takes the heroine alone and it's an argument on what's the heroine's intentions. It's agreed upon that they keep going and the attitude from all the men changes who start treating the heroine like a lady (except the jerk because he becomes worse who tries to offer the heroine happy slap time. The other guys tell him to back off, which almost starts a fight but the hero breaks it off and has the heroine sleep in his tent in order to keep the peace. However, the hero doesn't make any snide comments or rude gestures to the heroine at all, in fact, he treats her the same as when she first started. So, the whole notion of him having no respect for women doesn't hold in this journey at all. The jerk still doesn't stop when the heroine comes back from a walk with one of the gentleman who was being a good new friend and he rudely asks if the gentleman was getting some. The heroine runs off then gets lost and just when the hero finds her, they fallen into a hole. As luck would have it, they find the cave mural that her father was looking for and they have the hero's camera on him. When they get back to camp, one of the gentleman expresses his attraction to her and she politely rejects and he takes it well. In fact, he still treats her the same as before. They make it back to civilization and the heroine gives the pictures of the mural to her father. Three weeks later, the hero appears with the exact location of where the fresco is and offers to take the heroine and her father on a trip there. Then the father leaves and the hero tells her that something totally unexpected happened to the him: he fell in love with the heroine. He never met a woman like her and wants her to be with him with for the rest of his life. The heroine accepts his proposal and we come to the end.

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