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With some trepidation, Hayley has taken a job as a housemaid. She’s traveled from the US to England in the hopes of tracking down a man she met in Chicago—Patrick. He mentioned that he lives in the same remote area of England where she’s found work. She knows little about Patrick, but she can’t forget the passionate night she spent with him. Against the odds, she’s fallen in love with him! Feeling nervous, she rings her new employer’s doorbell and when the door opens—is this a Christmas miracle?—the man framed in the doorway is the very man she’s looking for!

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an ad brought them together 4  4

I enjoyed reading this comic with its plot and characters. The hero and heroine shared a special night in four months before they were reunited due to an ad that the hero's son put in the paper for someone to make a delicious turkey for Christmas. The heroine answers the ad and gets a real surprise when she knocks on the door to find the hero opening and vice versa for the hero. The next pages are awkward because of the heroine is trying to make out the situation with the absent mother (woman was a self-absorbed idiot who abandoned her babies on Christmas day, two years ago from the book's current date). The ad was supposed to be for kittens but the little boy told the newspaper that they wanted to find someone who could cook a turkey because he was tired of the burnt and inedible food. I enjoyed this little boy because he seemed smart, kind, and mature for his age but still acted like a kid. As the heroine is leaving, the hero jumps to the conclusion from what his little boy said that she was looking for a friend that she's pregnant (he's wrong). So, he's upfront to the heroine about her pregnancy who has no idea of what he's talking about. It takes a moment for her to realize what he means and shuts his conversation down. After clearing things up about his 2 year divorce and bandaging the hero's little girl's foot, the two of them agree to make a happy Christmas for the kids. It's fun watching the two of them struggle with their attraction to each other and how they interact both at home Christmas environment to their rush-through the holiday at work. Delivering the baby on Christmas day was a fun part to read in the book. Then when the kids are away, the adults have a very intimate time together. Their relationship is fine with the hero and heroine not wanting to take anything serious because they're afraid of the other running away. However, after speaking with a patient on irregular periods, the heroine finds her hasn't come and does the test to find out it's positive. This new information causes her to act towards not only the hero but also the kids even though I understood her reasoning, it was still wrong of her to do that. The hero and heroine separate on bad terms but the hero's family ponder and cross-examine of why the heroine acted the way she did (Note: hero's brother and sister work at the same hospital as hero & heroine). The hero goes to see the heroine again and asks her to marry (this is before he knows about the pregnancy) but the heroine rejects him. The hero and heroine meet again and the hero opens up his feelings to the heroine about his fears from his 1st marriage but how his desire to be with outweighs them. We also get some encouragement from the little boy that he wants to have her in both his sister's and his life. Overjoyed with the amount of people encouraging her relationship with the hero, rather than discouraging it. She says yes, I did like reading this one.

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