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Billionaire Rocco D’Angelo suddenly appears in front of Emma, a widowed single mother raising her daughter. He wants to take his grandmother, who’s been living alone, back to Italy with him, so he asks Emma to join them as her private nurse…and he’s ready to pay her handsomely to do it! Lavished with his dangerous charm, Emma is tempted to enjoy this privileged lifestyle as if she were a D’Angelo herself. But she can’t let herself take it seriously. Because Rocco’s been clear from the very beginning—he doesn’t believe in love or marriage…

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grandma is cupid 3  3

The heroine is a nurse on her way to check on one of their patients, and elderly woman. On the way, she meets up with a stranger and gives him a ride. It's during this ride that she reveals her anger and distaste towards the elderly woman's grandson for being negligent of his grandma, not even guessing that the very man in the passenger seat is the grandson. So, imagine her shock and horror when the grandma points him out and the hero introduces himself with the very words she used to describe earlier. She overhears that the hero has been trying to convince his grandma to live with him but she won't budge because she loves her home, despite the hard memories it has for the hero. The heroine misses her chance to apologize but the hero comments on her figure and hair and knowing him by gossip magazines and in the title of "ten most eligible bachelors", she criticizes him for being heartless and irresponsible by bringing up his lack of visiting since she came to nurse for the grandmother and an article where a girl attempted suicide on his behalf. For me, the heroine really went too far because she read the title of the gossip magazines but not the details nor has searches for what kept him away from his beloved Nonna. Her words cut down into the hero who loudly shouts at her to shut up, slams his fist down (breaking it), and stomps off. After the heroine is done with the grandma, she goes to the hero to check on his hand and apologize for her words. Apparently, the hero doesn't have a happy past with a mother who blamed him for his brother's death, the girl from the tabloids was mentally unstable who did a cycle of attempting suicide in order to keep men she had close, and six months of no visiting the grandma were six months he spent nursing his terminally ill dad then arranging his dad's funeral. The hero thanks her for understanding but comments that his parents were self-centered and the only people who loved him were his grandparents. The heroine leaves with the information that she has a child but that doesn't deter the hero from pursuing the heroine. Then he offers her a position as private nurse to the grandmother that she rejects till the warm climate changes her mind since her little girl is sick and needs warm weather to recover. The two have a bit of a spat with each that isn't overtop and funny. Yet, with the little girl with them, they go out to the beach and act like a happy family. Sadly, the little girl takes it as a sign that she shouldn't be in love with the hero but the little girl is fine having taken a nap in a fisherman's net. The heroine notifies of the hero of her intent to leave and they have a talk that reveals their true feelings to each other. The hero proposes the heroine that had one more obstacle called the grumpy grandpa. To say the grandpa was pleased over who the hero was marrying is a lie and he voices his anger at the hero for marrying a woman who came from the same country as his self-absorbed mother. The heroine voices her own opinion that the hero is half english and a good person and that the hero's father was Italian but he was just the same as the British mother. Her ferocity impresses the grandpa who gives them his blessing. The two happily get married at a grand and big wedding.

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