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When Caitlin’s father dies, he doesn’t leave her a thing—except for a job at his company. But after repeated failures at work, she learns that the working world isn’t as easy as the pampered life of luxury she once enjoyed. Caitlin’s boss, Joe, spends quite a bit of time yelling at her, yet he can’t help growing fond of her. One day Caitlin goes to Joe’s office to complain after a coworker calls her a dumb blonde, but instead of resolving the problem, Joe takes her in his arms and kisses her!

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she's not that blonde 5  5

When I read the description of the comic, I thought we were going to have a whiny heroine and I didn't want to rent at first but I did. Now, short version, it's a secretary version of Legally Blonde. The hero gives the heroine a job at his small but influential company because it's something that his friend who saved him from the streets asked him to do in his last will and testament. The heroine's dress code for half of the book isn't up to par of office wear like a miniskirt and too low of a V-neck shirt but instead of throwing a tantrum or huffing and puffing, she brings a smile and a helpful attitude to work everyday. There are some problems with a frizzed coffee machine (hero thought it was the heroine's fault but it was faculty wiring) & organizing. The hero thinks she's a dumb party girl of a blonde and while, she was a party girl, she is anything but dumb. For example, her mathematic skills in accounting even impress the critical female partner of hero who called her a Barbie when they first met. The heroine learns about the hero's past and what a positive impact her father made in his life, which contrasts to her own. I do wish that we dug a little deeper into the relationship between the heroine and her dad. However, we can distinguish that the heroine was given little father-daughter time with him, where the hero met him every weekend. The hero also learns in contrast to his assumption that the heroine inherited a large fortune from her dad's death that her dad left her nothing and she's had to sell everything she owns to get food and start on it. The heroine is saddened by her dad's will but she doesn't let it get her down. I also liked the hero's staff on how helpful they were in getting the heroine's new apartment set up and more. There is the confrontation of admitting whose in love because the heroine does but the hero runs away. His action causes the heroine to quit and go work for the female partner without the hero's knowledge who spends his time contemplating everything then looking for her. After the two meet and the hero admits his feelings and an explanation for running away the first time, we skip to a letter. The heroine gets a letter like the hero that her dad leave her something and that he does love her and wished they spent more time together. It's a sweet ending and I really like reading this book.

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