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Sara’s at a party hosted by millionaire Max, when her shoes start hurting her poor feet. But the last thing she expects is for the master of the house to tend to her himself! Up close he’s so sexy and charming that she’s entranced. Sara is carried back to the party in his strong arms and is stunned by the jealousy she encounters on their return. Max doesn’t seem to pay it any attention, though. After all, jealousy is nothing new to him—when one has as much wealth and power as he does, nothing is impossible. So why, Sara wonders, is he turning his possessive eyes toward her?

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3.5 he's actually attempting woo her 4  4

The heroine goes to a big party of the hero's in heels that cut into her heels and cause her to stumble into a strange situation. She overhears the hero talking about the assissaination. The heroine tries to think nothing of it but it's hard for a journalist. The hero sneaks up on her and surprises. Then he takes her out to see the fireworks and they share a fun conversation about the first time they met. After the fireworks, the hero pulls her aside to shows her some priceless items. The next morning, the heroine is given an expensive gift by the hero and given praises by her boss for landing an interview with the hero. Sadly, the pleasant morning goes downhill when the heroine rushes to her sister's side after nearly ingesting too many sleeping pills with alcohol. It's all because her hubby has gambled far too much and may be deeper trouble than he get out of. The sister is unable to divorce him because she still loves him, even if he's racked up debt and being on the run from shady characters. The whole thing puts the heroine in a tense mode for her interview with the hero but both of them handle themselves well. The hero decides to break the ice by stating he knows of the heroine's family situation. After hearing her feelings on the whole matter, he offers the solution of a marriage for convenience. He gets a wife for image and he provides with the help to lower the debts to a reasonable price. He gives her time to think about it. She's in the middle of deciding when the hero whisks the heroine away to a private island just to spend time together. He takes her out for shopping and talking. They finally do everything and get married. The hero helps the sister's husband but the hero doesn't let them off the hook. He even tells the heroine to lessen the visits between her and the in-law because he'll start to think that if he runs into trouble then he can just fall back on the hero. The heroine doesn't take so well to his words. things get a little better till a friend tells the heroine about the hero being previously engaged. It sets a seed of doubt. Afterwards, Christmas comes around where the hero gives her a gift from the heart. Then at the next party, the OW shows up and sets the stage to get the spotlight on herself. Then there's the plus of throwing herself all over the hero. The heroine doesn't get the hero's questions of whether she regrets marrying him but it does hurt her that he's walks away from her with the OW clinging onto him as it countdown to the new year. The heroine goes to bed but the hero doesn't come back. She takes it as a sign that he doesn't want to be with her. She makes a reckless decision taking her horse out for a ride in the way morning without notifying anybody what she's doing or where she's going in the snow. The heroine takes a tumble off the heroine, falling unconscious in the snow. Luckily, the heroine is saved but doesn't wake up till three days later. The sister tells the heroine of just how worried the hero was and barely left her bedside. They do have a hit a fight that puts each other at a distance with the hero calling the heroine out for being too naive and the heroine accusing him of cheating. Then the heroine gets two kill things: a bouquet of flowers with an apology from the OW and a paparazzi rag showing a picture of the hero and OW kissing. The heroine takes it as a sign to leave but during her walk away, she called by a friend in the journalism who tells her that the hero was set up any the OW but they were forced to run the story by the heroine former boss since people would buy the paper. As the heroine listens, the hero races towards her. He reveals that he's been in love with her since the night of the fireworks. However, he sensed her confusion and figured out the quickest way to get them hitched but he's been so uneasy because he didn't know what her feelings were for him this whole time. The heroine confesses her love for the hero. The two decide to face the uncertain future together.

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