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Pure Romance A WIFE ON PAPER

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What a hypocrite! Francesca was outraged by her brother-in-law who brazenly dared to show up at her husband’s funeral. He never came to see her husband after he fell seriously ill, and she’ll never forgive him for that. However, her husband’s will completely blindsided her—unbelievably her husband asked his brother, Guy, to marry Francesca and take care of her for the rest of her life!

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editor's comment - May 5th, 2017

Everyone in the house seems to be living with a secret in them. If only they could be more honest with themselves and each others, things would be easier.

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alright 3  3

It was all fine for me, not interesting me too much. The heroine met the hero's brother who she go into a relationship with and became pregnant. They decide to have a common law marriage because their horrible parents gave them bad examples of marriage with all the vows. They meet the fiancee's brother who's standoffish to the heroine and they don't see each other till the brother's funeral. The heroine is bitter towards the hero for being late to being there for his brother's passing and more. However, as the heroine sees that her husband wasn't doing all right in the business world and had accumulated a large amount of debt. In the chaos of it all, the hero stays on to help her shift, organize, and manage the whole thing. It gives them a chance to get to know each other and for the heroine to fall in love with the hero. The hero doesn't need to fall in love with the heroine because he's been in love with the heroine since the day his brother introduced her to him. Sadly, the two separate but when the hero goes missing, the heroine realizes that she can't live without him. Once she sees him on the sidewalk, she runs into his arms and holds him tight. They exchange their confessions of love and we move onto the ending with them tying the knot with an actual wedding with the dress and all

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