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Jeff, a world-class racer, died in an accident, leaving his wife, Luanne, behind… A small hand reaches out to comfort the despair-stricken Luanne. Her young yet wise firstborn son, Chase, is not actually Jeff’s son. He’s the son of Alek, Prince of Carpathia, the only man Luanne ever loved. But Alek cruelly abandoned Luanne, and since then she’s been nursing her resentment and stifling her irrepressible love for him. Now Alek has suddenly appeared before her—he wants to take his son and make him the heir to the throne!

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the OM couldn't seem to do the right thing 2  2

This one was a real doozy because of how it went. The heroine is married to a race who's killed in car crash, while she is pregnant. Then towards the end of her due date, she is reunited with the first man she eve loved and who unknowingly till now fathered her child. He wants to help the pregnant heroine and her son financially, mentally, and emotionally with the recent passing of husband's passing because he was a friend to the heroine. The other reason he's there is to bring the son he never knew he existed to his home country. How, did he figure it out? The husband, we're calling him the OM gave him message of his parenthood before he died. She's unable to argue and then she and the little boy have their lives changed in the next 24 hours of crazy. I will begin, the heroine moves out of house and country into a foreign place while grieving for her husband who she came to love, heavily pregnant, holding a little boy in hand, and facing the man she lost seven years ago. The woman learns in the next 24 hours that the situation that led her to being physically intimate with the hero (a bunch of men cornered her to rape her but she was saved by the hero) was all set up by her dead husband so he could dive in and be the hero to the heroine. So then, she would fall in love and go out with him. Yet, on the night that he planned it, he drank too much to even stand and let it slip to the hero of his plans. This is the cherry on top to his whole plan: the men he paid for to act out weren't actors but a bunch of strangers in the bar he met within a couple of hours before the plan went into motion. What kind of an idiot does that?! It gets even better, the heroine wakes up and looks for the hero and finds a tape. A tape made by the OM who admits that he married the heroine only because he thought she gotten pregnant from one of the men who raped her that he paid. That's only thing, he does right and being a good dad to the little boy until he starts to see the resemblance between the hero and little boy and makes the connection. So, feeling defeated he plans to make his suicide look like an accident and leave his unborn child for the hero to raise since he raised the hero's son. Frankly, the man got off lucky because how could he leave the heroine who admitted that she had fallen in love with him, the little boy who saw him as his hero and dad, and his unborn baby all alone. The heroine watched the whole thing, said some horrible things about everything including the little boy who managed to hear it. Horrified, the little boy runs off with the hero chasing after him and the heroine going into labor. Now, we can't forget the little boy because his wife just went from 180 degees around from losing his dad to finding out his dad wasn't his dad, and his mom saying some horrible stuff about him. It's a lot for him to take in. Then the heroine gives birth and after recovering she attempts to leave the little boy with the hero and run away with the baby. I couldn't believe it, I mean I get that she got one of the biggest shocks of her life but she was leaving behind her son. The hero is able to stop and we have a love confession but the whole thing just burn my beans.

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