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When the amusement park her family has run for generations ends up on the brink of collapse, Daisy, who works at the park as a comanager and machinist, begins searching for sponsors to keep it afloat. The only person to answer her call is an accomplished businessman named Felix. When they finally meet in person, Daisy’s heart races. Nothing could have prepared her for a sponsor as handsome and elegant as he is! Just as she’s kicking herself for meeting him dressed in her park uniform, Felix surprises Daisy by inviting her to dinner! But why would such a man show interest in a woman like her? Perhaps he has an ulterior motive…

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very enjoyable 5  5

I really liked this book because it quenched my literary thirst for a good plot and characters. We have our hero and heroine who have been burned by their previous fiancées; the hero's fiancée only wanted him for his money, admitted it to her friends but he accidently overheard. The heroine's fiancée wanted her to change into his idea of a lady and quit her job at her family amusement park. The two meet to discuss sponsoring the heroine's amusement after it was vandalized and the cost for repairs is too high. I liked the little things placed in the story like how the cat is the heroine's alarm clock when she's working or how the heroine introduces the hero to the fun of amusement parks. I liked reading how the two enjoyed their company both in the bedroom and out going out for dinner, watching television, etc. Another thing I liked is the struggles the heroine and the hero face when they are dealt with things that remind them of their ex-fiancée like the hero bought a dress for the heroine and suggested she wear it. For the heroine, it brought a flashback of her ex-fiancée demanding her to wear the dresses he bought for her to look like a lady. The heroine overreacted to it but was able to calm down and tell the hero her reason, I like how it went. The hero also suffers when the heroine says certain phrases that his ex-fiancée says and he struggles with it too. He also overreacts when the heroine is using the same lines that will lead to ask her for advice rather than for money like his ex-fiancée did. However, he breaks off their relationship before she can finish in a burst of anger and finds out the reason she was asking through the newspaper. The hero goes back to apologize and make amends. The heroine accepts on the condition they stay only business and the hero agrees to them. Then I found his gesture to ask the heroine to come back into his life as before utterly romantic: He bought a potted daisies of different kinds to represent all of the heroine's characteristics and feelings, he even had the little plastic singing daisy that goes side to side. I found that to be very sweet and his proposal was the icing on the cake. I loved the ending with the two of them working to the last minute on the day before the wedding and this is definitely a book worth renting.

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