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Alyssa is a workaholic who lives a pretty bland day-to-day life. Then her world and her heart are shaken when a super sexy, unconventional young man named Caleb enters her firm as the new president. She’s determined not to lose her composure, no matter how attractive he may be. All her efforts prove useless, however, when fate decides to put them in the same hotel room during an innocent business trip. An unexpected mishap ends up with them locking lips. And though nothing else happened, there are already false rumors flying around about their so-called love affair when they return to the office, a situation that recalls a nightmare from Alyssa’s past.

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the new ceo 4  4

The hero has found out that he's inherited a huge company even though he hasn't had the education to learn the basics nor the experience to help him. He goes into the office, where he meets the strait-laced faced heroine for the first time. It's easy to see handshake has them attracted to each other for the first time. The hero brings a new approach to the meeting, instead of firing people, he keeps with new guidelines like first name basis, opening a family room, etc. As much as the heroine is attracted to him, she was bitten once and she's twice as shy now. The hero is impressed with the heroine's business and how she presents the proposal to clients. A bit of mismanagement leads the heroine and the hero to share a room with one another. The hero is also another once bitten and twice shy because of his last girlfriend was a workaholic who didn't appreciate his way of thinking. The two of them grow closer after the hero defends the heroine from a bunch of thugs. Then a phone call from the company awakens the two and rumors about the hero and the heroine being in a relationship start to spread, which upsets the heroine because she cares about her reputation at work very much. The hero's solution: become engaged because when the rumors die down, the engagement will as well. During their fake engagement, they learn more about each other like the heroine's loneliness as a kid to the hero's childhood of living on the farm. Unfortunately, the dream ends when the heroine learns the hard way that the hero is the previous CEO's grandson and comes up with the idea that he was with her to use her skills ( The whole thing is untrue). The hero has the heroine come to the company in order for her resignation to be complete and for her to hear his side of the story. He was just a country with his grandmother found him a few months and gave him the company. I really liked the love confession between and how they handled the business; the heroine is going to be the CEO for the time that the hero goes to college in order to start with the basics and after graduation, they become equal business share owners. This was a decent read.

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