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Holly is managing her sister’s restaurant while she’s in the hospital, and in order to prepare for a banquet, she’s visiting the home of the most prominent family in town, the Madigans. In addition to preparing the food, Holly also finds herself wide-eyed with surprise when she sees a refined Simon entertaining his guests. Can he really be the same arrogant man who was scowling and shouting at her just a few hours earlier? In his black dinner suit, he’s extremely distinguished and incredibly gorgeous. Despite his earlier behavior, Holly suddenly feels her heart begin to beat wildly!

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It was decent 3.5 4  4

It was Iron Chef for the first 25 pages of the comic with the heroine covering for her sister because she got a broken leg. The hero is a client who is all anger because the catering he ordered at the sister's restaurant hasn't come to his house. He can't tell the sisters apart and the heroine rushes against time to make the meal that impresses everyone except the OW whose nose is so high up in the air, you can see the ugly nose hairs. Shoot! Everyone, can see what a pain she is and very few people tell her to shape up or ship out. I mean she is just an ugly snake and the fact that the heroine believes more than half of the stuff she says is ridiculous even after being reassured by the hero. After the business meal, the hero hires the heroine as his personal chef and the two of them grow closer and closer as they learn more and more about each other. Then they go on a little trip to visit the cajun people and guess who's coming along: the OW. Frankly, I found it silly that the woman wants to write about the cajun people but she won't interact with them, calls their cuisine "working class" In a negative way, and whines about the nature. The only thing the OW surprised me was the fact she actually said "please", please carry her luggage. The music in the air is brings the two of them closer and closer. However, the heroine keeps believing the OW when she lies about spending the night with hero and towards the end, believes the OW's announcement over being engaged with the hero. It's little bit sad that she didn't believe in him and didn't believe in herself to be the woman for the hero. I did like towards the end of how it switches back and forth between the hero and heroine as they confront their feelings and admit they're in love with each other. It was a nice ending with them under the trees kissing.

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Boring, Boring, Boring, Boring AF!

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