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When Zach and Tess got married, everyone was overjoyed and thought they were the perfect couple. Quiet, strong and reliable Zach was looking for a wife, while hardworking single mother Tess needed a new husband to support her family. But Tess secretly pines for another man. Too bad Zach has caught on.

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It went from a little bad to a lot better 4  4

So, when I read the synopsis and the reviews on the original book, I hesitated renting this book but I did it in the end and it wasn't bad at all. 1) I thought that the hero was blind to the heroine having a crush ( yes, I'm calling it a crush, you'll see why) and wanted to marry for love. However, he did propose first but he says, "you'll be sensible enough to accept my offer" & "We're not blinded by love". We call this little arrangement, a marriage of convenience. So, it's the hero that sets the standards of just being friends in their marriage and everything. Not the heroine but now the heroine is trying to hide the secret that she's in love with the hero's brother from him. I ask how, because it easy to see how she giggles when he talks and everything. I liked that we get to see the hero's perspective on the whole thing and we see that he is in love with the heroine from the first time that he saw her but he sees that she's in love with his brother. Yet, that's not enough to stop him from proposing marriage. The heroine accepts and her little girl is happy as a bumblebee in a flower to be living on the fun ranch. 2) I liked how the hero and heroine did their best to talk about situations when they can; for example, their sleeping arrangement, the little girl's bus schedule, etc. It was nice to watch a couple actually communicate. I found it funny that an old woman say that it's a sin to cover the neckline at 25. Then the hero decides on their wedding night to sleep in another room because he "feels" that they're going too fast. I don't understand why the heroine feels sadness when he does it then agrees because of how things went with her last husband. This is where the crush comes in, after the heroine's husband (friend of the guy who she has a crush on) dies in a get rich quick scheme, the hero's brother helps her find a place to live and job. The heroine saw these actions of a kind and stable man, unlike her dead husband. Next, we have our main couple face three challenges: cattle rustlers, the hero's daughter who's run away from her materialistic mother in San Diego to the ranch, and the hero revealed that he knows the heroine is in love with his brother. What I liked how well the both daughters hit it off, they just bring the best out of each other. I loved how the two of them handled the hero's daughter when she escalated into anger and said some sensitive things, both of them handled with class. However, they reassured that they weren't sending her away and it made her feel loved, which she hasn't had in a long time. The hero and heroine are finally able to share intercourse and the next morning, we find ourselves in a dangerous situation that afterwards leads to a confession of love from both protagonists. It was a good ending and though I thought it was bad, I really actually enjoyed reading it.

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