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After both her parents died, Aggie lived her life earnestly and in poverty. Then one day she meets Luiz, a wealthy multimillionaire, who claims that Aggie’s brother has eloped with his niece just to get his hands on her money! Luiz then takes Aggie on his journey to bring back the two, by force if necessary. While they are in pursuit, a giant snowstorm blows in, slowing their progress and forcing them to bunk together. In spite of Luiz’s arrogance, she can’t take her eyes off him, and even though she can’t stand being around him, the tension between them slowly thickens…until he finally suggests that they release their fiery passions!

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The relationship between the hero and heroine is more of first time meters because of the romantic relationship between the hero's niece and the heroine's brother. The hero does the typical of not approving the brother and sister, thinking the same "You're after the family fortune.". The hero confronts the heroine over the disappearance of the brother and niece. He pulls the alpha behavior, basically demanding the heroine to come. When she refuses, he uses the potential future of the brother's career in the music industry as blackmail. With her only family's career lying in her hands, the heroine reluctantly agrees. They travel to the destination but become stuck in the snow, staying at some small Bed & Breakfast. Now this is what I found fascinating about the two was their conversation in the car. I liked how the author both opened up their perspectives in the conversation and the differing views on marriage. I like the heroine's opinion of how love is more than lust but also emotions & memories. The hero's answer is typical with the lack of belief in love & marriage. However, he talked about his father and him have a hard time saying no to the women (mother & sisters) bossiness. He makes it sound like the father & mother are married and are happy. In fact, the hero doesn't bring up why he doesn't believe in love & marriage when his parents could be an excellent example to contradict the no love & marriage can exist belief. Soon, the hero learns of the heroine's and the brother's past: growing up in a children's home. Luckily, the home they grew up in was a happy home with a wonderful couple. This changes the hero's attitude, becoming more chivalrous. For example, he notices the thin coat the hero wears and takes her to a very fancy boutique to buy not only a nice coat but also a variety of outfits. The scene right here was what I found humorous was the heroine wondering why she needed this gorgeous dress. The hoer also apologizes for his behavior toward the heroine and the brother. There is the sexual tension between the two but the heroine throws cold water on that spark when the hero states that it will only be a sexual relationship. So, really who can blame her. Then they also get to see another side of each other when they go to the children's home where the heroine grew up. The mother of the house encourages the hero to look a little deeper at the hero, yet, the heroine decides to take the hero up on his intimate offer; an offer that isn't going anywhere. The next morning, the heroine gets a call from her brother and you won't believe it. The brother got a call from a Recording Company to sign a contract in Las Vegas. So, they didn't get married and now, the brother has a job. The heroine tells the hero and they come upon the topic of them. They both want to continue their relationship but what I liked is that the both of them had their own conditions to the relationship at hand. Everything seems to go well till that little plus sign on the magic stick. Then the typical hero comes blowing up. The only positive thing that I can say is that he didn't ask, "who's the father?" Now, the man wants to get married for the baby but the heroine refuses his so called marriage proposal. In fact, she decides that they should break up, limit their interaction to phone calls on the baby's progress. We see from the two months that have progressed to where both parties do miss the other party. Although, now it's the hero who takes the first step, admitting that he misses the heroine and does what I would call a proper proposal. The heroine finally admits why she couldn't accept the hero's first proposal because she didn't want to marry a man who didn't love and their marriage would make them both miserable because of why they got married in the first place. The ending was nice.

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