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Beth’s friend convinces her to pretend to be his lover at his party. That’s where she meets the man she still sees in her nightmares... She can’t believe she’s met him again—Dante, the ruthless lawyer who put her behind bars when she was just nineteen years old, and innocent, to boot! And she’d only just changed her name, left her past behind and started a new life for herself. They should be bitter enemies, but Dante’s masculine charms and calm, seductive manner make Beth’s heart race. Doesn’t he remember who she is? But Dante steals a deep kiss from her in broad daylight...and that’s only the beginning of his feverish pursuit!

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you thought she'd be interested in you?! 2  2

The lawyer (hero) had either to be stubborn or stupid because very few people who be interested in the person who represented the opposing party and got them sent to prison. It doesn't seem to matter to the hero because she's chasing the heroine's skirts. The heroine is sent to jail after being proclaimed guilty for giving out drugs (it was the heroine's rich male friend who placed the drugs in her backpack & hired a lawyer (hero) to prosecute her and protect him). She spends a year in jail and four years, meets the hero again through his brother. The brother is not only a neighbor to the heroine but also interested in her, although she has no idea. He asks to play as his fake girlfriend in order to get one step up from his famous and rich lawyer of a brother who will be coming to their neighborhood party with his little pretty thing of a fiancée clinging to his arm. The first meeting since their last in the courtroom was atrocious; he flirts so bluntly and rudely in front of his brother and fiancée, even though the heroine puts the no sign straight smack dab in his face. Then suddenly, he suddenly pulls her in for a kiss before brother and fiancée. The heroine gets slapped by the fiancée and faints over but awakens to the hero's face. She tells him off of never wanting to see him again but he states that he will see her again and again he does. The heroine runs off to the cottage but not before the brother confesses his feelings but the heroine rejects him because she's never seen him as nothing more than as a friend. Ahhhh, one-sided loves can be so painful, so painful that the brother disappears for most of the book. Now, the heroine once again runs into the hero. The man just keeps pushing and pushing but here's the best part: he knows who the heroine is even after she changed her name and the five years of not seeing her. He remembers her as the girl he prosecuted and convinced the jury or judge to send her to jail. Not only that, the hero says he broke up with the fiancée because her jealousy was too much. Well, excuse me but I think any woman who saw her man kiss another woman not only voluntarily but with passion would be pissed and jealous!! He expresses the desire to have sex with but won't give her anything more. Luckily, the heroine pushes him away and keeps doing it for a while. That is until the bedroom scene where the hero says I love you and the heroine lets him in. The hero leaves to find his brother and promises to come back. The heroine suffers a miscarriage and has her adoptive (the man who sees her as his daughter) father tell the hero that she doesn't want to see him anymore. The hero tries to see her but she rejects him. Strangely, she gets flowers on her porch every morning and she thinks it's the brother who came to apologize but it's actually the hero. The next early morning, the heroine catches the hero putting the flowers on her porch and runs after him. The two of them share a special moment and they get a happily ever after. It was okay but it didn't float my boat on the hero's behavior, nor the heroine giving in so quickly.

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