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Roxanne visited the kingdom of Azmahar long ago, where she had close ties with Haidar, one of the twin princes. But after finding out that her relationship with him was the result of a cruel bet, she left the kingdom. Eight years later, having made a name for herself as an analyst, she comes back to Azmahar in order to assist the provisional government until the new king is elected. She had thought that a mere analyst like her would never run into Haidar, who is one of the candidates to the throne. But one day, when opening the door to her room, there he appears, standing in front of her. However, he is different from eight years ago: he’s transformed into a coolheaded gentleman!

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an okay romance 3  3

The heroine is in a fix because she has to work closely with her ex (the hero) since she's a political economic analyst that's highly valued and he's a candidate for kingship in his country. The heroine can't stand the idea of working for her ex because she found out eight years ago from one of his rivals who happened to be his twin brother that the hero was only with her in order to win a bit with him. The heroine is distraught over this, says a lot of hurtful things to the hero, and ends their relationship. Yet, she never told that she knew about the bet. The hero is still hurt by the heroine's words but he still wants her and will do what he can to get her back. They meet again after a week and when the heroine accepts the hero's brother's offer to be his consultant for his campaign, giving only advice. Somehow, the heroine falls back into bed with the hero even though they have a hot night, the heroine is cold as ice. She reveals to the hero during breakfast that his brother revealed about the bet to her eight years ago. The hero says the heroine is misunderstanding because he wanted the heroine regardless of the bet but he had to keep it a secret because of his ambitious evil mother. If the woman had got wind of their relationship then she would have destroyed the heroine with everything she had. Not only that, the hero was having a time having to relearn everything because the woman twisted everything in his education like love. She told him not to love or trust anyone. So, for the hero to say "I love you," to the heroine was a hard and big thing for him to do. The hero has the last words about even though they were in a relationship, she trusted his brother more than she trusted him. They separate but the heroine is encouraged to talk with the hero again by a friend but he doesn't respond to her emails. Even when they see each other again, the hero puts up a cold front. The twin brother reveals not only did the hero suffer from a twisted education from the mother but also suffered abuse because a prank that the twin brother and cousin pulled in which he took the blame. After he beaten, he was locked in the dark dungeon for a week but never of the brother or the cousin never told her the truth because they were afraid as well. When the hero was out, they tried to apologize to him but he didn't want to have anything to do with him. It's also what began the rivalry between the hero and the brother because the brother knew it was the only way for him to get the hero to even notice him. An explosion give the hero and heroine an opportunity to try at having a relationship again but he finds out later that the heroine was acting as an consultant to the brother and thinks she's just betraying him again. This is before she is able to tell him that she withdrew her help from the brother. The brother goes to see the hero and they finally have a talk that starts mending their burnt bridge and the hero goes in search of the heroine. They talk their feelings out and confess their love for each other. It was a nice ending with the hero resigning from his candidacy because he didn't believe he would be the right kind of leader for his country.

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