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While traveling through the desert country of Jabal, Olivia is arrested and falsely accused of something she hasn’t done. Worried that she will end her life behind bars in a foreign country, Olivia was losing all hope. But then a stranger comes to her rescue and, without explaining much, frees her from prison. The man turns out to be Sheik Khalid Fehr, the prince of a neighboring country. In order to evade persecution, Khalid lies and claims that Olivia is his betrothed. Things start to get complicated when the Jabal government makes their engagement public.

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editor's comment - July 7th, 2017

Hero has this bad guy look but his unexpected kindness towards heroine makes the story more interesting. The gentle expressions of heroine capture my heart too.

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I did enjoy it 3  3

The heroine is surviving in a prison whose sole purpose of existing is practically torturing then without a second thought, executing the prisoners. The heroine is in there because she was found with drugs, even though it was planted in her bag and she doesn't use them. The hero comes in to rescue her at the request/begging (I would do it in a heartbeat if that were my sibling), the police there try to stop him even when he declares that she's his fiancee and has been falsely accused. The heroine is smart but the hero is tricky because he uses the heroine's traveling friend's name in order to confirm from the heroine that she was the one who planted the drugs. Even the heroine suspects it but doesn't want to charge her because they'll send the friend to the prison that the heroine was in and she doesn't even want to wish it on the person who wished her harm. They go to a celebration in order to announce their engagement, something the heroine had no idea. The reason is because it will hold off any excuse for the bad police and their government to go after the hero and take him prisoner for being with an unmarried woman when he's of single status. Now, the whole engagement and marriage thing is going to happen because otherwise, the bad police and government will be after them. The two of them spend time together and learn more, in fact even though the hero says some things to cool things down, they heat back up again. Unfortunately, just when things are getting good, the hero gets a call that they caught the friend who confessed she planted the drugs and the heroine is innocent. Now, the heroine if frightened for the girl who will be now sent to the prison. The whole realization gives her a panic attack and she faints. She wakes up to find the hero and doctor talking about her and learns that not only was the doctor a former girlfriend but that she still has feelings for the hero. I must say that I was impressed that the heroine ran in and declared the hero to be her man, instead of running away. The doctor accepts defeat with class and I respect her for that. The hero and heroine get married with no "I love you" coming from either of them then set out on a campaign to change the prison's rules and methods on dealing with their prisoners. They're finally able to meet their goal and have the prison be overlooked by the hero himself to see that the prisoners are being properly treated. The heroine, seeing the fight and the whole thing over, leaves her ring and divorce papers with her signature, so the hero can have his freedom back. The hero catches her before she can call another taxi since he sent the first one away. The two of them have a heart to heart conversation on their feelings for each other and confess their love. It had a nice ending.

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