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Roxy used to be a popular singer but her father spent all of her earnings. She’s been living in misery ever since and now sings at a sleazy bar while also working as a part-time cleaner—things could hardly get worse! And then Titus, the Duke of Torchester, appears before her one day. He claims that he is the owner of the apartment building where Roxy lives and that he doesn’t want an objectionable woman like her living there. He demands that she move out as soon as possible. Clearly there’s been some misunderstanding, but he won’t listen to any excuses from her!

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The fan is the fairy godmother 3  3

The hero meets the heroine under the assumption that she's a mistress to his recently fired accountant. Yet, like I said earlier, it's a misunderstanding and she's not the man's mistress. He orders her out of the apartment she's living in after next week. From there, downward spiral of her losing her job both at the bar as a singer and a cleaner then gets locked out of her apartment earlier than what the hero stated and gets a fever from falling asleep on a park bench in the cold. Luckily, the whole locking out early thing reaches the hero's ears and he quickly searches for her and takes her home. The hero learns of her current unemployment and the fact she abandoned her father because he stole all her money she earned when she was a famous singer on women. The hero feels a connection from her statement and gives her a job to work at his house (castle to specify). The heroine mixes in well with her supervisor and co-worker (who happened to be a big fan from her popstar days). The hero tells her of his father betrayal to his mother, divorcing her, and making his mistress the duchess (for a short period). So, the heroine sees his harshness towards her when they first met. Sadly, the divorce, having the mother live in another country, and being the only heir to the family have strained the hero and his mother's relationship together. After a week of working and not seeing the heroine, she runs into him again, who pulls the grab and kiss, exclaiming that he can't stopped thinking about her. He then propositions sex, which the heroine is all thumbs up. They do it with both of them seeing that there's no future in this relationship. Still, the two of them spend time together out of the bed and give hesitant good-byes as the hero drives off to his high society, boring birthday party with all the parents of eligible women wait to pounce. Now, the heroine's fan encourages the heroine to give a hero a birthday present, which is singing the birthday in disguise at his birthday party. The hero sees through her disguise and after the song is a hit. She escapes to change into her work clothes but the hero runs after her and wants more in their relationship. They have a hot night but it turns cold as ice when the hero is sent a video of the heroine's singing that's with views coming in on a roll. The hero makes the assumption again that the heroine used him in order to get back in the singing world and coldly breaks off their relationship. Note: the heroine had no idea about the video or an effect it was causing. I liked how she handled that situation with the break up. The hero still believes what he came up with until the heroine's fan tells him of how the singing birthday was her idea and see the heroine hasn't gone back to stardom but to cleaning. The hero finds her and apologizes for his words. Then he ask her to marry him, which the heroine happily says yes.

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