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Rafe Cameron left his hometown to amass a fortune and to make a name for himself. Ten years later he returns so he can exact his revenge against Mr. Worth, the man he holds responsible for his parents' financial troubles. Sarah Richards, Rafe’s childhood sweetheart, is dismayed to discover that he is still bent on ruining Mr. Worth. Yet despite this and even after ten years, Sarah still holds affection for Rafe in her heart. With the encouragement of her grandmother, she decides that she must do everything in her power to persuade Rafe to drop his vendetta. Will Rafe allow himself to remember the love he holds for Sarah? Or will he let revenge consume him and lose his chance to make a life with Sarah?

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3.5 revenge can destroy so much 4  4

The heroine and hero were high school sweethearts up until the hero wanted to take revenge over the town's richest man for firing his parents due to their workplace romance and the factory's poor quality of air that gave his mother lung cancer at the age of 35. I found it hard to believe that the man of a CEO would fire two employees over a workplace romance when the factory is situated in a small town where everyone has at least one relative who works there. Now, after ten years, the hero has become a millionaire and plans to shut the factory down in revenge for his mother. The heroine wants to stop him because a lot of people's jobs are on the line. She goes to the hero who proposes an agreement if the heroine dates the hero like before. During this time, she can convince him not to shut down the plant. The hero remembers everything about the heroine like favorite color and her wish to be frugal. They have good dinner until the former ceo of the company walks up on them. The night ends on a sour note and even more so when the heroine's house is burgled. The hero has the heroine stay at his place and they discover that they're still in love with each other. Everything goes well until the former ceo goes to see the hero in order to stop him from shutting down the plant. He reveals the truth behind firing his parents; he was in a relationship with the hero's mother and when his wife found out, he had to fire the hero's mother in order to pacify his angry spouse. This means that the man the hero calls father isn't his father but it's actually the ceo who's his father. This pushes him to the edge and he denies the ceo as his father. The hero is more hurt over the fact that the man he calls father was used to cover up the ceo and hero's mother affair. The heroine is just as shocked as well over the truth but she tries to stop the hero who's more motivated than ever to shut down the plant and completely destroy the former ceo but she gets into an accident. The hero stays until she awakes up okay in the hospital for him to confront his father on the truth. The father admits the truth is real and he did it because he was in love with the hero's mother & he got the best two things: the hero's mother and the hero as his son himself. He also gives advice on that there are more important things in the world than revenge like the heroine. The hero goes back to the hospital to pick up the heroine and tells her that he's not going to shut down the plant but bring it out of the red. He decided to move forward and asks the heroine if she will be along by his side to move with him. The heroine says yes to his proposal and we get a happy wedding in the end.

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