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On her wedding day, Connie prepares to walk down the aisle and marry her betrothed. Unexpectedly, she catches the eye of one of the wedding guests, Nico, and finds herself immediately attracted to him. Having no choice but to get through the wedding, she forces herself to forget Nico. However, fate draws them together on Connie’s wedding night when she discovers her new husband’s secret. She finds comfort in Nico’s arms and spends the night with him. Much to her disappointment, Connie and Nico go their separate ways. A year later, Nico finds Connie and their lives are thrown together again. The attraction between them is strong as ever, but Connie is harboring secrets that she’s afraid of Nico discovering. Nico is struggling with his own demons and determined not to allow himself to love Connie. Nico and Connie must learn to let secrets go and put stubbornness aside if they wish to find true happiness.

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it was fine. 4  4

Bad things can happen on a wedding day; one of them being the heroine is told by the arrogant groom that he's a homosexual who plans to never come out of the closet, never love her, and they're only having kids through artificial insemination. The best part is the heroine's father knows and is in on the plan. The heroine is dejected by it all but goes through the marriage. The hero runs into the heroine at the steps after her wedding reception and hears about the whole thing. The hero encourages the heroine for annulment but she refuses because the marriage is all for the heroine's selfish and greedy parents. So, they spend a hot night that has the nine month ticker. They meet a year later with the heroine a working single mother who did was the hero said about annulling her marriage but she was disowned by her parents. She reassures that she's grateful for what he did because she sees that that life would have been a very miserable one compared to the happy one she's living. The hero takes the heroine and his son to his very private home to give them some privacy. The hero is open with her about learning he was adopted but had to search for answers when his parents wouldn't give any (probably because it would only show their true colors as monsters for what they did to the poor birth mother). They have a lot of ups and downs with figuring out their feelings, trying to figure out each other, and such. Sadly, the heroine hears the hero won't forgive the person who instigated the illegal adoption because it turns out that it was her father. She tells him the next morning but he didn't take it well. After a hearted argument and walking to cool off, the hero and heroine go to confront the heroine's parents. The man tells a pack of lies about the hero's mother but the hero calls him out for not just selling him to his adoptive parents and such but for selling his daughter to protect the OM who knew what he did. He also learns that he has a twin brother who turns out to be the man who has been dangling the piece of land that he desperately wants. The hero can see through his lies and believes the reason why she gave him up was to get legal help to save her other son from his abusive father but the heroine's father and the hero's adoptive parents took advantage of the poor woman and cheated her the chance to save her son. It's a beautiful ending with the two of them and their little boy.

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a shameful consequence 4  4

It's a hot then kinda cool then hot again relationship but it's also kinda sad how he was taken away from his mother and the new parents didn't seem like they liked nico so waiting for part 2 to be done his real dad seem like a real piece of work thou

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Thank god! I only used my points to get this! This is one confusing story. It's hot then it's cold. I hate it! Vey annoying to read!

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