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Immediately after breaking up with Avery, Crown Prince Malik got engaged to the princess of a foreign land. As if that weren’t bad enough, he asks Avery to plan his wedding celebration party! But just days before the ceremony, Malik shows up at her office with a big problem: his bride’s gone missing. Avery aids in the search for the princess, but her feelings for the beautiful Prince Malik haven’t died, nor have the wounds he left healed. She can’t believe she’s searching the deserts just so he can find happiness, but she has to if she’s going to overcome her love for him.

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The hero and heroine were in a relationship until the hero's engagement to a princess is announced and the relationship ends with the heroine being the wedding planner for the hero. To summarize quickly, the bride disappears and the heroine volunteers herself to help search for the bride with the hero. I wasn't the only one shocked by her statement but the hero and secretary as well. During the search, the heroine found out that the hero did propose marriage to the heroine has no idea and looking back, it wasn't the best of circumstances. The heroine first hears about the marriage not from the hero asking or telling but from a client who was taking his business elsewhere because she was probably going to quit her job, the whole causes a major loss of clients and her company went under. The hero admits that it wasn't his intention and the proposal wasn't the best of circumstances. A particular name comes up but when the hero tries to explain, the heroine brushes him off. They're able to quickly find the bride who ran away to be with her love, her bodyguard. Once there, it's the heroine who's more mad at the bride for running away than the hero who is her fiancee. The heroine learns from the bride that it's the heroine that the hero loves and the only reason why the hero said those things to the name person was because he was making inappropriate comments about the heroine to the hero. After a lovely speech from the bride, the hero guarantees protection for the bride and her beloved. Now, that his engagement is over, the hero makes plans to win the heroine over once more. There are some bumps and everything and we finally learn why the hero wanted the heroine to plan his wedding: so, she could turn it down and prove that she was still in love with him. ARE YOU CRAZY??!!! The heroine's clientele are famous and very rich people who were watching her to see if she would break from the pain of planning her ex-boyfriend's wedding. The hero tells her that he was going to ask the heroine to marry him the day he punched the rude man and the ugly rumors were started by the rude man for being embarrassed by the hero. The hero confesses his love, asks the heroine to marry her, and she says yes. There is a couple more obstacles with the heroine revealing to the hero that the identity of her father is by a sperm donor number and the wedding's date was sped up with out the heroine's knowledge who again heard it not from the hero but from someone else. The hero reassures her that he wants to be with her for her and they have a happy ending.

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