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Iris, a geologist, visits Kadar in the Middle East for her job. Waiting for her is a reunion with her ex-lover, Asad, the sheikh of this country. Six years ago, they were university students and fell in love, but one day Iris was suddenly dumped. After he left, she learned that Asad was the sheikh of a desert nation and had gotten married to a princess from a neighboring country. Although she was determined never to be at his mercy again, her heart is stirred by the passionate gaze of Asad—and finds the king of the desert has already divorced his wife.

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The heroine is offered a job that would set her career as a geologist forward but is forced to swallow a bitter pill when the employer turns out to be her ex from college who was the first person she had a deep relationship with and the person who tore her heart out and shredded when he says thanks for the memories, lies to the heroine about why he's going, and has her find out that his identity and he left to marry the pure girl of his country. It's been six years since then and the heroine is ice cold to him but her colleague sees the spark the hero has for her. The negotiation over the geological survey goes well until the hero gives the big N-O on the heroine and her colleague sharing the same tent because of culture rules. He puts it down that the heroine and colleague stay at his villa and travel by helicopter to the site. The hero tries to bring the heroine back into his arms but she holds strong and shows him how deeply hurt she was by his actions and words. She does hold wonderful conversations with the hero's daughter, whom she holds no blame because she knows it's not the child's fault and the mother who knows about the hero and heroine's past relationship with the hero. It's only later that the heroine reveals of her non-existent relationship with her parents who saw her as more of a burden, much less a child. The heroine learns from the hero's mother that the daughter isn't the hero's by blood because the oh so pure bride was three months pregnant before the wedding by a cousin. However, he couldn't divorce her right away because it wouldn't look good for him and after the divorce, the woman just abandoned the little girl to the hero to live with some lover in another country. It was both the cruelest thing to do to your own child but also the kindest because the little daughter was left with such a wonderful father. When they are alone and the hero asks questions on the heroine's behavior of being almost pure when she was not during their time together in college. The heroine reveal it was because she was taken by force by someone she considered a friend and the trauma made her close off to close relationships until the hero. The hero comforts her and asks to accept him but the heroine pushes him away and threatens to leave the project if he ever tries anything like that again. The hero and heroine don't talk with each other for while. Then, catching the heroine and colleague asleep in the same room after two days straight of testing materials. The scene has the hero huffing and puffing who then reveals his biggest secret: he's been abstinent for six years. He discovered his bride's pregnancy on their wedding night and never shared a bed with her. When he was able to divorce her two years later, he waited for four years before contacting the heroine as a way to punish himself for hurting her the way he did and restrain his physical desires. After a few more words are said, they fall into bed with each other. The next few days are good until the daughter tells the heroine that daddy (the hero) will be getting married and she'll be getting a mommy. The flashback of the hero using her and leaving her pops in her mind and she goes off to cry but is nearly kidnapped by bandits for being a foreign beauty. Luckily, the hero saves her and is the first face she wakes up to see. The heroine tells the hero that she'll leave and about how she heard from the daughter of the hero's plans to marry. The hero laughs and tells her that she's the one he wants to marry but he couldn't say names to the daughter without the heroine's consent. When that misunderstanding is cleared and the hero proposes to the heroine, she agrees and they have a happy ending.

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