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Caroline works as a model while dreaming of becoming a designer, but the harshness of reality is slowly filling her with disenchantment and discouragement. One night, a vulgar buyer makes a play for Caroline and troubles her. Then a savior arrives! The handsome man saves her in a stylish manner. The president of the modeling agency even calls him “Prince” and goes down on his knees. But suddenly, the savior grabs a confused Caroline’s hand. He tells Caroline that he’s not letting her leave. Is he another hypocrite in the guise of a gentleman?

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The heroine is a jumpy creature in this harlequin comic. It is understandable due to her profession and unfortunate choice of a modeling agency takes half of models' wages by placing them in dormitories at high rent. Now, it's been six months since she signed the year contract and she's tired with all the work she's been doing and the little income it has brought that will bring her closer to paying her tuition to design at a fashion school. I found it ironic about how much she is giving criticism on the second rate fashion designers when the possibility of becoming one is high because fashion is a hard mountain to climb. Now, after a charity fashion show, the heroine deals with a rude guest but is saved by the hero. The heroine is grateful but the hero says some stuff that I couldn't tell if he was being serious or joking. However, the heroine takes his words seriously and tries to leave but the hero won't let her. She starts shouting off about how the he some have some ulterior motive for wanting to have time with her in private. It is true that he does have some ulterior motive but it's not as shady as the heroine, he just wants her to sit with his grandma and spend some time with her. I found it irritating that the heroine still found the hero irritating when he was just bringing her to talk with an older woman. Now, the grandma is suffering from the sadness of losing a girl who she cared and raised (the girl was spoiled rotten and just left without a word). The next morning, her shady boss tells the heroine that the hero wants to pay the heroine's wages for her service but before going into detail, the heroine demands loudly on just what does the hero want with her. The hero comes in and explains that it's only to be a companion to his grandmother and the deal he's offering is far better than the one she has with the model agency. The heroine agrees but I would be lying if I said there were some foul words exchanged during this talk, especially from the hero's side. They go to the mansion where the grandma is staying and for a good amount of time, the heroine has a wonderful time with the grandma. What I found most ridiculous is the heroine being a hypocrite. She goes off on the hero for saying that models are airheads even after he explained that he doesn't meet a lot of women who know the specific painter or painting, then she says, "You shouldn't make judgement based on stereotypes,". Woooooowwwww, that is the pot calling the kettle black because she wants him to look beyond the makeup and clothes and see her as an equal but she can't look beyond the bank account number and family title to see a grandson who has only ever interacted with her in order to keep his grandmother happy. It's not until after two weeks and orders from grandma that the heroine and hero spend time together and admit that they have the wrong idea bout each other. They actually find a connection (they both love their grandmas so much) and can talk with no word of rudeness exchanged. That is till the end when they kiss and the hero says she's a hot blooded woman. This immediately makes the heroine think that the only reason the hero was with her today was to have intercourse. Now, she throws the hero out of her hotel room and it doesn't go well. In fact, they don't get back on the same page till they're jealous of the other spending time with the opposite gender. Their jealously leads to kissing and kissing leads to the bedroom. Things start to look up till the hero propositions paying for the heroine's tuition, giving her a flat in Rome, etc. All of this talk makes her think that he's offering her the chance to be his mistress. She reacts negatively to his proposition without mentioning that she sees his words as offer for a mistress and not something more. They leave again on a sour note with the heroine going back to New York and going to design school and the hero going back to working. She gets an internship in Rome then has to model when one of the models turns up sick for a show. It's at this show, the hero and heroine are reunited but we have the usual confrontation with a kiss. Finally, the heroine brings up the last fight and how she doesn't want to be a mistress. The hero shouts he wasn't offering her the position of mistress but the position of being his wife. After that, it's all I love you and the quick happy ending.

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