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One day Lily, who works as a counselor, meets a well-known inventor when he joins the First-Step Club she hosts. His name is Hunter Myles, and he’s breathtakingly beautiful and intimidating. Lily has stopped believing in love since her best friend stole her fiancé. She has intentionally avoided men since then, but still, she ends up spending a sweet, passionate night with him. The following day she learns that he has an outrageous proposition to make.

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Available until : May. 31st 2019(Monthly course($79.99)

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You need to open up to your spouse. 3  3

The hero meets the heroine at her counsel group at the community center. The hero goes to check it out for his sister but the sister wanted the hero to go for himself in order to help him move forward from the guilt of feeling responsible for the death of his parents and causing his sister to lose the ability to walk. Why, one may ask? Well, the hero found a cross between his work schedule and his sister's work schedule for them to meet and spend time together as a family with their parents. So, they take the parents abroad to the destination and have a wonderful time together. Later, the hero leaves the group for business and the three of them get into a car crash, killing parents and injuring sister. It wasn't his fault but he believes that it is. So, the hero and heroine meet and it's a whirlwind romance after meeting in the next 24 hours, they go from counselor to patient to engaged. How? The heroine is trying to get money to have her mother keep her mom but no such luck, so the hero brings up marriage as an agreement because he wants to show his sister that he's moving forward and has someone to support him and with the heroine at his side, the sister can focus on getting a position in an orchestra. The heroine thinks about it and agrees to it. They have one day of getting to know each with a cup of romance in it then they get married and it does go well. Now, the two of them are carrying baggage from their parents' marriages (hero's father made his wife miserable because he couldn't face his multiple scierosis *it's what the book wrote* & the heroine found evidence of her father having an affair.). This plays a part in breaking their marriage but there were other things too like the hero kept the fact that he may have the disease as his father and it scares him because he doesn't want to hero suffer like his mother did or stay with him out obligation. The hero's secrets and leaning on his secretary (the last ex-girlfriend of the hero, so that's painful for the heroine and she makes comments about still having a relationship with the hero) make the heroine thinks that the hero doesn't care about her at all. Then you top all the hero's mood swings, words, and actions push the heroine to run away. Then she finds out he collapsed and the sister is accusing her of abandoning him and all sorts of worse stuff. The two are able to come to terms, the heroine finds out what happened to the hero and his family last year, and everyone learns that the hero doesn't have his father's disease. The results: he has an ear infection with an overworked and sleepless body. After the hero reveals his reason of wanting the heroine to leave in the first place (I mentioned it earlier), the heroine reveals her big secret: she's pregnant. The two admit their true love to each and we get a happy ending with a baby for our main couple and one on the way for the hero's sister.

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