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Sheila Waring, a physiotherapist, goes to a job interview and is shocked by the identity of the beautiful man who greets her at his mansion. A twist of fate had brought them together again: Sheila’s husband was the one who caused the car accident that killed Ross Calvert’s wife. Ross, however, doesn’t know her connection to his life. Sheila suppresses the urge to escape and accepts the job. Ross courts her and steals her heart, but she doesn’t think she has the right to love him. Still, she finds she can’t resist the seductive power of his kiss!

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editor's comment - June 23rd, 2017

It is fate that brings them together and with the same encounter they are the only one who could understand and heal each other's wound.

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to make amends 3  3

The heroine wants to make amends to the hero's family for the accidents that was in, not caused because her overpowering and drunk husband wouldn't let her drive. Plus, the hero is the one who blamed her for his wife's death when she was covered in bruises, casts, and bandages. So, after a year, the heroine finds herself as the physiotherapist to the hero's little girl who was also in the car accident and has had surgery to repair her legs. However, the pain of training her muscles and building strength is hard on the little girl who gives up easily and the hero is no help he wants the physiotherapists to make it non painful. The heroine is the only one who tells the hero that his interference will on hinder the daughter's progress to recovery. So, the heroine accepts the job and it looks like the hero doesn't recognize her since the last time they met, she was in pretty bad shape and now she's not. The first day starts good but it ends badly with the widow trying to squeeze her way into the hero's head and become the next Mrs. hero. So, the heroine suggest to the her that they get married in order to give the daughter a mother but the hero rejects the offer. Then tells the heroine that he would like it if he was with her and they give hints that their previous marriages were not so pleasant ones. Then when the hero's gone, the Widow tries to wedging her way in through the daughter by hindering her recovery process and then saying that she'll get a private tutor and be sent to a boarding school with special equipment. The situation escalates to where the Widow actually becomes helpful and tells the girl that she can never wear the shoes she's wearing because it spurs the little girl to push through the pain. The hero and heroine's relationship starts to grow until the identity of the heroine is revealed. The whole thing leads to coitus and the hero's realization that the heroine was also left with deep scars on her body and heart from that accident and he just took his anger out on her when she was at her weakest. Then he asks her to marry him in front of his daughter but she rejects it and their relationship is at a standstill till after they leaves the hero and the daughter when the daughter starts to walks again. It was an okay read for me.

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