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Lily, who was betrayed by her fiancé right before their wedding, takes her broken heart to Milan. She stays with her loving aunt and works as an Italian chef. She also reunites with her teenage crush, Alessandro, and all the bittersweet feelings for her first love come rushing back… Now he is one of the most successful businessmen in Italy. But despite her feelings for him, it is too painful for Lily to spend time with Alessandro while still reeling from her fiancé’s betrayal. Unless Alessandro can be the one to help heal her heart…

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quite a quick step from romance to wedding 3  3

So, the heroine quits her job and her fiancee when she catches him cheating on her. She goes to her aunt's home to find fresh start and job. She runs into the hero for the first time after ten years when the hero was escaping from some women. It's also the day when she was supposed to get married to the ex-fiancee. The heroine has a bit of a spark to her and bickers a bit with the hero when they're alone then becomes courteous to him in front of the aunt who is a big positive impact their lives. Apparently, the hero and one other man were taken in any the aunt and uncle and given the chance at a better life. Now, the heroine is introduced at another restaurant as a job applicant. They give her a test and the night before the test, the hero comforts and reassures her that she will do great. And she does, in fact she passed with flying colors and she gets the job. The hero makes a move on the heroine who rejects his advances but he starts to wear her down slowly as she learns more about him. Not too long after, the heroine finds her ex-fiancee who has stalked her across countries and this is attempt #3 because the emails and the many phone calls were not budging the heroine. So, he stalks her to the restaurant and becomes a whiner, he sends every plate back with a plat until the heroine comes out to confront, realizes who it is and accidentally drops the plate on his pants. He flies into a rage and orders the manager to fire her. Then the hero steps in since he's the owner and personally "escorts" the man out because he's being a nuisance to the other guests. The ex-faincee assaults and threatens the heroine that he's going to get her back. It takes the hero's glare to chase him away for the moment. Next, the hero had the heroine move into his place because the man knows where the heroine and the aunt live and he wants to keep her safe. The heroine doesn't like the hero's forcefulness but she does thank him later. Then in the next 24 hours, they connect, have coitus, and then are interrupted by the ex-fiancee who threatens to file lawsuits about the heroine causing him financial, mental, and physical pain. Oh, then he threatens to sue her for a breach of marriage: EXCUSE ME! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WAS CHEATING!! That would never stand in court. He'll try anything to make the woman miserable but the hero uses his bad boy attitude and promise to finally scare the stalker away for good. Right after that, the hero confesses that he is in love with the heroine and asks her to marry him. There is some resistance from the heroine but not more than five minutes or less later, she agrees to marry him. We get a wedding but it felt that the romance went too quick for me.

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