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Shari Wilson is living in the same apartment as a sexy journalist named Luke Lawson. But no matter how fashionable her clothes, he doesn’t seem interested in asking her out on a date. One day she accidentally sees a book that he ordered. Lo and behold, the title of the book is The Idiot’s Guide to Sex! To her surprise and amusement, despite his cool and handsome looks, he is so inept at pleasing women he needs a how-to manual. But the book is only the beginning of Luke’s sexual education, and soon Shari agrees to help him with the guidebook’s practice lessons!

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Oh, this is funny!!! 5  5

This was a funny one for the artwork and the facial expressions as well as the plot. Then how it goes with the heroine being attracted to her neighbor and when they're about to go forward on asking when will you be free, the hero drops one of his books that shows he's sexually inept. This turns the heroine off but she asks him to be her pretend boyfriend from a rival from a past life sends her a wedding invitation with the words, "Bring your boyfriend,". The hero agrees if she can help only to Chapter 4 of the self-help sex book, just for kissing and nothing more. He has the book in the first place because he's not good at dating and is looking for help. However, she doesn't know nor does he tell her that he's the writer of the self-help sex book. What is funny is that they slowly go by the lesson plan with meeting at a bar that goes pretty well. The next day, the heroine screams for the hero who thinks she's in mortal danger, so when he breaks into her apartment with a bat, she knocks him out of the park with her negligee!!! I was laughing so hard because it was right when he was typing up his next story and the whole thing made him forget what he was going to write next!!! As they spend more time together both on job site and off, they grow closer and have a wonderful time at the wedding. Then the hero finds out that his agent has him on a tv show that will reveal he's the writer of the book and the heroine sees the interview. She's not pleased with his words and leaves her feelings on her front door when he has a big bouquet of flowers as a start for his apology. She won't see him and leaves him to stand at the front door. The heroine then gets another flowers and a written apology explaining that he wasn't using her as a tool for interview but wanted to tease her a bit for her awkwardness around him when she saw the book. He also has never pursued a serious relationship because he didn't make a stable living and wanted to provide for the woman he loves and he loves her. It's very romantic ending and she runs to his door, he opens it, and they hug and kiss.

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