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She woke up to find herself in a beautiful seaside cottage, and sleeping across from her was a man she’d never met! And that wasn’t the only thing she couldn’t remember! It soon became clear that she’d lost her memory. Recognizing her predicament, the man explained that he was Muir Igram, the hotel owner, and that he’d helped when he saw her lying unconscious on the beach. Accepting his help, she started work as his secretary, but she’s beginning to doubt if her memory will ever return...

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who was betraying who 3  3

This was a real twist of something. The heroine wakes up to a stranger but finds that she can't remember even her own name. She develops a relationship with the hero that goes well till she runs into a fellow coworker who reveals that she's a secretary to her future mother-in-law. The mother-in-law plays off that the heroine is marrying her son because she's responsible for his condition of being confide to a wheelchair and won't even do physical therapy. So, she leaves without telling the hero what happened who's at a loss because he lost the woman he loves. the heroine goes back to being the fiancee/caretaker of the fiancee but she doesn't feel happy at all and decides not to marry him. She gets no help from the her stepfather who is pushing aggressively for her to marry the man. Shoot! When the hero finds the heroine and they fall down the stairs on top of each other, the father takes it the wrong way and has him thrown out. The heroine fell right into the hero's arms when he found her and after a happy bout of coitus, she is still going back to the hero because she feels guilty for what happened but I agree with the hero when he said that it wasn't her fault. In fact, when her memory comes back, she remembers telling the guy not to pick her up in because of the heavy rain but he doesn't listen and is calling her, while driving in the heavy storm. He gets into an accident during this call and his mother plays off to be his fiancee in order to help him. Back to the bedroom scene, they argue and fall down the stairs where the stepfather catches them. The whole bump has the heroine regain her memories before she met the hero but lost all memories of the hero. The heroine also finds that the so called fiancee is humping with his physical therapist and takes the chance to call the hero who gets the call but he happens to get in a storm and caught in a mudslide that knocks him unconscious. So, the heroine does her dream and becomes a teacher in secluded regions. The hero finds her again and explains what happened when he got her call. He asks her to marry him and she accepts.

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