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When Lilly’s husband passed away in an accident, she immediately reached out to Dane, her husband’s older brother, and awaited his arrival with a shattered soul. But Dane believes Lilly married his brother for his money and doesn’t hide his opinion from her: she’s a lowly woman who’s disgraced the renowned Norfolk name, a villainess with a pretty face! Lilly’s heart is torn by Dane’s hateful words. Little does he know the secret agreement she and her late “husband” came to. He’s unaware that the marriage was fake, nor does he know that Lilly’s body remains innocent…

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House Of Glass 3  3

The initial parts are great. It gets you interested with what happens next. However, when we get to the ending plot it seems to short. It didn't substantiate the feelings of the hero and the heroine. So I felt dissappointed at the end. Great start but poor execution at the end.

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It ended a little too short 3  3

I felt that the story ended too short, the way to describe it is if you know what a plot line is then I feel like the ending was at the falling action rather than at the resolution because we get a lot of misunderstandings cleared between the hero and heroine. However, the ending just had them hugging and I wanted more like I love you or at least a wedding. The hero learns that his brother married the heroine because he could get the inheritance from their grandfather and the heroine would get money to financially help the heroine's father. Why, couldn't the brother find that one special woman in his life to make that inheritance clause? Well, because the brother found his one special man and he couldn't just tell his family, especially the brother(hero) of him being gay. It's hard to reveal something that one feels will change the image the family has placed on them. It did come as a shock to the hero and he didn't take it so well when the heroine told him and it took him while but he met with the brother's real lover and was respectful to him. So, they cleared all the misunderstandings and spent some time separate from each other. It was okay, but I wanted more.

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