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Charlotte is the personal secretary of the Greek investor Nico, and she has been trying to get in touch with land developer Zander for him. When she finally manages to get ahold of this very busy man, her heart skips a beat at his lovely voice. Before she knows it, Charlotte starts chatting with Zander regularly. These conversations are her only relief from taking care of her severely ill mother day in and day out. She gets the chance to meet him in the flesh when she is assigned to negotiate a deal with him, but when she finally lays eyes on him, she’s shocked. He looks exactly like her boss, Nico!

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revenge on the wrong person 3  3

Oh, the poor hero being abused and fed misinformation by his father that his mother chose his twin brother over him and left to be horribly mistreated by his father. So, after many years of looking, he has found his brother was adopted and living the rich life. So, he directs his anger on his brother and starts with his brother's personal secretary. The heroine working her job as a means of end due to the thanks of her boss because it keeps her at home to take care of her mother who suffers from alzheimer's and can be violent with the heroine. The hero calls the heroine to talk about a island that the boss wants and invites her to the island. They meet by chance on the beach where she learns the hero is the boss's twin brother that hero has no idea about. He wants to "surprise" the man and sadly, thinks the heroine is the his brother's mistress because she's his secretary. Yet, it doesn't stop from wanting her because their phone conversations were fun, pretty, and the perfect first step to his revenge. They go out and enjoy themselves but the heroine learns from the boss's wife (heroine) from previous book that the boss's adoptive father is in the hospital for terminal illnesses. It's a situation that was strained in the beginning since his adoptive parents stole him from his poor mom. Later, the hero and heroine have a hot moment but the heroine says the boss's name and that's cold water poured on the hero. The whole incident fuels the hero's revenge and he seduces the heroine into a night of pleasure. The next morning is a battle in the trenches between brothers. The hero mocks the hero for being saved by their mother. The boss retorts that he was sold and it shocks the hero only for a moment that denies it and orders the heroine to pack up and come with him. The heroine is so hurt over recent events that she rejects his offer. Luckily, she has the boss and his wife to talk things out and she has to be the go between the hero and boss. Later, the hero and heroine meet where he says some insulting things and learns the startling truth: the heroine and hero's twin aren't in a lover-relationship. She see the conditions and he learns more about her life like being the primary caregiver for her mom and her job is what's keeping them afloat. The hero talks and gives her the signed contract to the island. He tells her there's something important to tell tonight as herself. Not too long, the heroine goes with the boss and his wife to finally meet the mother they've been searching for. The poor woman was living in a nunnery, clutching onto two dolls she called by the boss and hero's names. They learn the sad truth the woman was trying to escape with her children but the horrible father came in and took the hero from the mother and threw her out with the boss and kept her from contacting her family. She had no job prospect and could only turn to prostitution. She sold up the boss only to get money to hire a lawyer that would help her get the hero but the boss's adoptive parent tricked her by giving her a lawyer who raised his rates to where not even the money she was given was enough. It was all just nasty deceitful scheme by the boss's parents. The heroine goes to see the hero who she thinks he's declaring his love for her but he's just giving her a necklace and a job offer. The heroine scolds him for turning his back on the people who wants to get to know him, which leads them to fight and the hero breaks off their relationship. It's not until he meets the twin brother's new secretary that he goes after the heroine. He learns she's taking a year off work to be with her mother who's got only one more year to live. He opens up about meeting with his mother and brother and about how she made it possible for him to let go of his hate. She confesses his love for her and asks her to marry him. She accepts and both her and her mother go to live with the hero on the island that he sold to the boss with them living as neighbors. Then she gives a double surprise and they plan to share the news with the family.

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