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The hotel where Mari works has been purchased by Luca Fiori, the owner of a big hotel chain. He’s a tyrant who wants to enforce his own management plan and renovate the hotel to his liking. Mari is not pleased as she is partial to the current atmosphere of the hotel. Yet, despite all the turmoil he brings with him, Mari can’t seem to help but feel attracted to the handsome and passionate Luca!

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Available until : May. 31st 2019(Monthly course($59.99)

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a step towards love 5  5

The hero and heroine work together to bring their hotel to become the place where hero wants to put their clients's happiness is first and foremost but the heroine is focused on the costs and how long renovations will take that impedes the staff to work. However, they are able to see the positive traits in each other and their work. Along with these positives are negatives that have impacted their lives. The hero sees the heroine flinches at the touch of a hand and when he looks into her eyes, he recognizes the similarity of the ones he saw in his father and sister when their mother abandoned them. He is able to deduce the heroine was abused but doesn't get the full story till she's confronted with her abuser who thankfully doesn't recognize her (thankfully, the hero shoves out the front doors with the man's atrocious behavior following behind). I really liked how he comforted her, put a blanket over her, and asked if she could tell him the whole story if she was comfortable. It was really sweet, but her story was sad because her abuser was her stepfather that abused both her and her mother since the heroine was six years old and when they tried to escape for the first time when the heroine was 18, he found them and beat them to near death. They were lucky to be found and taken to the ER and even more lucky that they put the man behind bars. The heroine does get the news the man died in an accident more than half way through the bookI liked how the story has these two individuals who are afraid to love in a sense of a romantic relationship but as they spend more and more time together, they find the courage to confront and take the step in this. I also liked that it was the heroine who confessed she was in love with the hero first. Unfortunately, the hero doesn't accept her love and she runs away dejected. Late that night, the heroine is surprised to find the hero at her front door who confesses he was scared too to fall in love because of what happened to his dad. It was nice open feeling conversation between the two, I really enjoyed reading it. After an exchange of feelings, the hero asks the heroine to marry him and she say yes. It really was a nice ending.

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