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Adriana is the capable secretary of the crown prince of Kitzinia. Her foremothers sullied the family name by seducing kings and reducing them to ruin, but Adriana has thrown herself into her work in an effort to restore her family’s honor. Having come to respect her for these efforts, the crown prince gives Adriana her most difficult assignment yet—keeping an eye on his scandalous younger brother, Prince Patricio. Adriana, however, soon realizes that she is becoming more attracted to Patricio every day. She never wanted to fall in love with a member of the royal family, but she can’t help herself. Is her bloodline cursed after all?

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not enough love 2  2

I wasn't feeling the love tonight between our hero and heroine. They have the common link of bad reputations where the hero has everything he can to make him look undesirable to inherit the crown and the heroine has had to live with the sing of being a descendent to a long line of traitors and King's mistresses. The heroine has done everything she can to be a support to the crown prince who gave her the job and never judged her by her family name, so he has her utmost loyalty. The heroine is tasked with being the hero's nanny and watchdog to keep him from making any more scandals. He doesn't have a good opinion of her because he sees her family name rather than her and it's only after he sees how hard she works to keep him in line (Despite his numerous rude and vulgar gestures, not to mention the large amount of women she has had to keep off) and his future sister-in-law insulting her horribly(and insulting her fiancee as well). The heroine finds out that everyone thinks she's the crown prince's mistress and decides to best thing to do is to show everyone that she's the hero's mistress and not the crown prince's mistress. The hero is against it at first but then complies and then their relationship goes stale with the hero firing her and the paparazzi with their rags that should give back to the poor trees they killed to make them are writing the many insults that she's heard her entire life. This is where the extra star comes in when the hero is standing out her front door to talk. He apologizes for his dismissal of her services because he was treating like everyone else. He explains that his life of scandal and debauchery stem from making sure his brother remained the crown prince because they found out after their mother's death that the crown prince wasn't the King's son. The King, who was a real insensitive and piece of work character tried to take the crown from the first prince and force onto the hero who he never gave a spilt second of attention. So, the hero comes up with a plan that goes on for fifteen years that he becomes so scandalous that nobody will want him to take the crown and the King can't say anything because the man is too prideful and arrogant to reveal that he was a cuckhold. What the hero didn't count on was falling in love with the heroine. This is where I am like, really? You are in love with the heroine even though there was really no indication of it throughout the plot. Then he makes a lovely speech about how many royalties that claimed country and crown are steeped in history of war, blood, treachery, and etc. Yet, her immediate family is not to blame and that they should fight back. The heroine confesses her love and we skip to an ending with a wedding in the last pages. I really didn't feel the romance or anything till the end with the hero's confession. It wasn't a romance for me.

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