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King Zahir, ruler of the desert country of Maraban, is taken aback when he learns that his ex-wife, Sapphire, is visiting the country. Zahir divorced her five years ago, despite the fact they were still madly in love! Even after all this time, the moment the two meet again there’s an undeniable attraction between them. But Sapphire hasn’t returned alone—she’s brought a secret back to Maraban with her!

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editor's comment - August 18th, 2017

Long hair hero in this comic looks cold but warm in heart. I love how they still love and care for each others despite the fact that they are divorced.

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not what you think 3  3

We have two divorcees who separated a lot for reasons that some knew and some that didn't know until they got professional help. The heroine comes from a family of banded sisters who share a selfish mother. So, the heroine left home at eighteen and went to work and support herself instead of going to college. During her modeling travels, she met the hero and they shared a passionate romance that wound up in a marriage. However, the hero took her back country and problems started arise like the hero becoming distant to the heroine and the heroine being frigid in bed. Let's not forget not gave the two their blessing, so nobody acknowledged the hero. Then one day, the hero divorces the heroine for reasons unknown and she leaves a broken heart. Then they meet again after five years where the hero accuses of her taking the five million pounds but the heroine claims she never took the money. One thing leads to another and they finally end up in bed and the hero thinks the heroine has been with another man till he sees the bloodstains. The heroine writes it off that it's nothing and they finally separate. Next, the hero goes to the heroine's apartment with the news that the accountant in charge of the five million ran off with it proving the heroine's innocence, so the hero wants them to be lovers and they have coitus. Afterwards, she gets dizzy and he questions, which she shouts she's fine just pregnant. It shocks the hero who makes accusations and the heroine says the hero was the only man she was with. The hero doesn't question her and decides they will get married. They have a wedding that results in the heroine opening up the emotional scar of getting her twin sister hurt and the hero comforts her, saying that it was an accident and that she never wished her sister any harm. Later, they arrive in the hero's country where the heroine is not warmly welcomed by the hero's brother for abandoning the hero when he needed her most and the suffering inflicted by the father the hero endured for her. The hero steps forwards and tells the brother that he was the one who demanded the divorce in order to protect the heroine from his father who whipped to make him divorce the heroine. The heroine holds the hero and reveals her secret that after their divorce, she went into therapy and through some hypnosis, discovered her source for being scared of coitus was because one of her mother's boyfriends sexually abused her when she was a child and threatened to do it to her other sisters if she told anyone. The hero holds the heroine and they talk about going back in time and that they love each other.

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WTF! 2  2

WTF! weak!

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