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Ria, the daughter of a duke, goes to London to make a plea on behalf of her country of Mecjoria. Her mission is to convince her childhood friend Alexei, who was exiled ten years before, to return to their homeland—as its new king! But Alexei, having made a success of himself as a business tycoon in a faraway land, responds to her proposal with a cold, flat refusal. It’s little wonder; Ria’s father was responsible for his exile in the first place. But Ria won’t give up that easily. If Alexei isn't crowned king, she'll be forced to marry Ivan, a man she loathes, for political purposes…and that’s only the beginning of the tragedy in store for her if she can't convince Alexei!

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an okay royal story 3  3

The heroine has been ordered to bring back the true heir of her country when her tyrannical father and his minions chased the hero and his mother out of the country. The hero and heroine were friends but the father broke them apart by pressuring the heroine not to turn her head to the hero when he called her for help. The heroine's actions caused a feeling of great betrayal and he couldn't even think that the child heroine was being pressured by her cruel father to not help him. Years pass and the heroine is now bearing the burden to get the hero back to the country. However, the hero's heart has turned to stone what with the media blaming him for his daughter's death and his wife's death. So, the heroine saying his country wants him as their King is what the hero calls a cruel joke. The heroine says if he doesn't then his snobbish relative will inherit the throne. The hero remembers the man when he was a nasty boy and is even willing to let him rule. The hero will go to the country but stated he won't do anything for the heroine not even the father who's been imprisoned and stripped of his title. That's not the worse part, the hero learns if he doesn't become King then not only will the title go to the cousin but also the heroine's hand in marriage. However, the heroine had no consent to the engagement because her father signed it all over. He states that he'll become king only if the heroine get engaged to him. He promises no love due to his first marriage. The two enter a physical relationship but feelings are held back because they're both afraid as well as the previous statement of not wanting to love. They do a good job with publicity. They do have a big fight over the subject of kids. When the hero leaves, the relative comes in to kidnap the heroine to rape and impregnate her. Thankfully, the hero arrives to give him a knockout punch and has the guards escort him out of the premises. The whole thing gives the heroine the chance to learn the truth behind the daughter and wife's death. The heroine learns the daughter died from Sudden-Infant-Death syndrome. It's something that nobody can see coming. On that night, the hero was arguing with his wife who locked him out of the house. By the time, he broke back in, the wife was unconscious from feeding her drug addiction and the daughter was dead. Things went downhill from there. Asks the heroine if the condition that she marry for the kingdom weren't in place, then would she have married him. The heroine doesn't answer quick enough and it takes it as a no. So, he ends their engagement between them. Afterwards, he sets up a ball that the heroine always wanted to attend. There, he asks the heroine to marry him but the heroine is so confused that she says no. He has the guests give the heroine and him some space where he reveals he does love the heroine but didn't want her to be engaged to him unless it was for love. The heroine says she loves the hero too. Then they turn back to the party and restate they're in engaged. It was a good ending because it just didn't get me intrigued or interested.

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