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This is the kind of guy girls dream about. That was Julie’s first thought when her new boss, the world-renowned doctor Professor Simon van der Driesma, entered the room. She’s taken aback, however, when this tall and handsome man tells her that she’s not the kind of secretary he would have chosen to hire! Simon orders her to travel abroad with him for work while she’s still feeling sore about it. Will their strained relationship develop in an unexpected direction on this trip?

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a bit funny 3  3

To some people, this harlequin comic can be seen a boring because of the slow developing romance that the hero and heroine resist but for me it's funny. We have a hero and heroine in the professional field of medicine; hero being a doctor and the heroine a medical secretary. The first day as new boss to employee becomes tense at the end of the day with the hero and heroine having lasting impressions that the other dislikes them. Now, as we go through the plot, we find it funny, watching the two of the skirt, dance, and jump around the bush, trying to figure how they feel for each other. When they finally figure out that they are attracted to the other person, they try to deny it because of work ethics, feelings, and the ever recurring thought that the other person doesn't like them at all. It's the hero who takes the first step in courting the heroine to have her like him, so he can ask her out without the fear of rejection. The heroine is surprised from the hero's sudden change in attitude She thinks that it's because he's going to meet a woman from earlier. After while, of the oblivious courting and such, the heroine hears the words "marriage" and "Hero" put together. Later, she confronted by the hero on present matters between and she confesses that she's in love with him, and knows about the OW, and runs away. The next morning, the hero takes the heroine to meet the OW who turns out to be his sister and when they're alone, the hero confesses his feelings to the heroine and they hug. He asks her to marry him as soon as possible and she replies yes. It's a nice book for me but if Gee is right on it dragging it on, so if you're looking for slower paced romance then this is the book but if you like a faster type then I would choose something else.

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THANK GOD!!! 1  1

Thank god! I didn't spend $6 on this one (I used my points). Hate the story. A lot of unnecessary pages. The story was dragged out. It was not fun to read! BORING!

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