Pure Romance SIMON SAYS... MARRY ME!

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Simon is a wealthy womanizer who boasts that he will never marry. So why did he bid for bland and modest Emily at a charity auction? To fend off the crowd of women who want him, of course! Emily initially didn't mind that Simon, handsome though flirtatious, only saw her as his bodyguard. But once she got to know him, she was filled with a warm feeling of love like she'd never experienced before. He’s out of her league if she stays the way she is, and so begins Emily's transformation out of baggy clothes!

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medusa's glare 5  5

The hero needs help fast and the heroine is just the person for the job with her glare as a offense and defense tactic. The hero's lovable but nosy aunt put out an ad that the hero was looking for a wife in their small town because she was worried about him being lonely. Unfortunately for the hero, he has been ambushed by several women in the past two days he has been back home and the latest one was the worst. She actually broke the law by breaking and entering into the hero's home UNINVITED through the bathroom window to seduce and push him to make her the lucky bride. I agree that the poor hero needs a bodyguard and fast. So, he takes one look at the heroine's hard stare during a charity teacher auction and finds she's the one and boy is she worth his ten thousand pounds he bidded on. The first girl come running to the hero but runs in the other direction after staring into the heroine's glare. They seem to hit it off well with the occasional heated discussion but they open up about each other. The hero learns the heroine was betrayed twice from two men and the hero's reason for not marrying or dating any women from his hometown stemmed from his father's many mistresses that were women in the town and it hurt many of his friends, like the girls he was dating. So, he doesn't want to hurt anybody but has a hard time because he's too friendly as the heroine states. I liked seeing each other's thoughts and feelings because it shows that the two are extremely attractive but hesitate from the past and present agreement of not falling for each other. It takes a night at the pool for them with a passionate kiss to ignite the fire into flames. Yet, those flames are doused quickly and the two are back to square one. Their meeting with the aunt doesn't go well since her longtime beau finally left after having his proposal rejected for the seventh time. The aunt is suffering from the same fear of the hero of bad family line of marriage. I did like that she personally went to the heroine the next day and apologized for her behavior. After another confrontation with an OW, the heroine gives herself a new makeover to really scare them off and it throws the hero off too. The two make an appearance at a local gossip spot to put and end to the era of pouncing women but afterwards, the hero wants to stop but he loves the heroine but again, he doesn't want to hurt her. The party goes on and the aunt's lover comes back but the hero and heroine separate. The hero sits at the airport and realizes he's not like his father and goes after the heroine. He finds her at the school she works and confesses his love with the proposal of marriage. The heroine accepts and calls him a man of his word because not too long after, they have coitus. This is another thing that I really liked is that they have coitus after everything is cleared up. We end on a cute wedding and my final word is that this book is a really good one to rent.

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