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I only intended to borrow a name—who would’ve thought this would end up in the papers! In order to adopt her deceased friend’s baby, Paige lies at the government office that she’s engaged to Dante, the young hotshot manager of the major department store where she works. But somehow, the news reaches the press! While she prepares herself for termination, she desperately tries to explain herself to Dante when he confronts her with the headlines. However, Dante’s handsome face expresses contempt at her despair and he mercilessly fires her. But then, with a speculative look, he turns to a distraught Paige and offers her a proposal. “I will make you my wife.” 

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3.5 little became big 4  4

Oh, how the heroine never thought it would come back to bite her in the tush. She's a woman who fighting child welfare to have the rights to raise her recently orphaned ward because the heroine's friend the mother put it in her will if anything happened to her then the heroine would raise her little girl. However, child welfare is unsure to allow the child to be raised by the heroine because of her single status. So, she make a bold and reckless lie that she's engaged.........to her boss and one of the well sought bachelors. She's awarded custody but the hero finds out and he's peeved at what her lie has brought upon him. He fires her right off the bat but she fights with the option of marriage till he's backed into a corner with the press and the heroine's tragic story. So, he agrees to the martial agreement with the headlines giving him praise for marrying a poor employee to be with her baby rather than scorn for abandoning a lover. During their engagement, they discover things about each other like heroine's parents who view her as a failure and can't say one nice thing or how the hero is really a chivalrous knight in defending the heroine. They're able to get custody of the little girl and celebrate in bed but the festivities end because the hero is starting to feel emotion, something he denied a long time ago. He distances himself from the heroine and little girl but heroine doesn't give up. She goes to his adoptive mom and learns the tragic past of seeing his own birth mother being murdered by his father at at the age of six. The horrifying event made him clam up and try to hold back. Yet, it's obvious of how he holds and sing to the little girl that he still has the emotions of love, caring, and kindness in him. The heroine confesses she learned of his past from his adoptive his mother and he gives her the detailed version with the statement that love is about control. He doesn't want to be his father, so he won't love. The poor hero was misinformed of what love truly is but his distance is a way of showing that he does love because he's thinking of the heroine first, thinking of not wanting to hurt her like his father did to his mother. Sadly, he's already hurting the heroine with his cold and hardened attitude. The heroine confesses her love to the hero who rejects her feelings. Yet, I liked that he took the initiative to confront his feelings and such and discover he can love the heroine because he isn't like his father. The next morning, the hero takes the heroine up in a princess carry and makes an announcement to the press that he's in love with the heroine and walks off with her. When they're alone, the hero tells her that was he said at the conference were his real feelings and that he is in love with the heroine. The heroine happily takes the hero in her arms and they hug and kiss. We have the ending before the wedding and it's very sweet if not for the silly thing the heroine said about her being married will change her parent's minds about her being a problem child. Other than that, it was a decent harlequin read.

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