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The son of a wealthy family, Spencer, bids on Kate, a nurse who is taking part in a charity auction. He requests her to pretend to be his bride-to-be for a week. But she has no interest in participating in some rich man's game! However, when she learns that he's doing it to try and put his grandmother at ease, she agrees. But when Kate discovers who Spencer really is, she regrets accepting the job. The two of them once spent a summer playing together as kids, and he was the boy of Kate's dreams. How can she play the part of his fake fiancée now?

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sweet but lacking 3  3

So, it's an interesting story but it just didn't keep me interested. We have a hero who bids on a heroine in order to have her pose as his fiancee to let his grandma not worry about him being single. The problem is the heroine is wearing a ring, claims to have a fiancee, and has recently adopted her nephew as her son. It doesn't stop the hero from asking the heroine if she will do it and is fine with bringing he little boy and not going any further than the heroine wants him to. So, they go and meet the hero's brother, grandma, and the OW who the grandmother has brought to meet the boys (she's actually a really nice girl). Then there's the whole dynamic of the heroine having met the hero when they were young and the hero remembers this too because it's the first reason of why he chose her in the first place. They spend time with the little boy and alone and I found it to be adorable but with the cute scenes of the three together or the hero and heroine having private time, it wasn't enough. Then we have the confession from the heroine of where there's no fiancee but a cover up since the heroine was unable to get all the men on hitting on her off her back until she showed her "engagement" ring. Even the ending was cute but as I said earlier, it wasn't enough.This complex and yet, simple sort of a story that should be fascinating and fun but it wasn't. I mean this is just my personal opinion of this book and it might be more enjoyable to other than it was to me. So, if the into interests then rent and read. However, if it doesn't then you can find another book to rent or buy and read.

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