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Lujayn fell in love with Jalal, the prince of Azmahar, and chose to live with him. But as she is a commoner, their relationship was kept secret and never made public. However, upon finding out that Jalal has been bedding different women every night, she leaves the country heartbroken and then fell in love and married a wealthy businessman. After his sudden death, she returns to Azmahar with a heavy heart. But when she gets there, she meets the man she abandoned, burning with spite and malice for her. He will get his revenge, no matter what!

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it was because of his mother 3  3

The hero hasn't had it easy with his campaign to become king and now, he has to deal with the recent death of his best friend who betrayed him by marrying his lover from two years ago. When they're reunited, the hero wastes no time in pulling his pants down and pushing the heroine to the floor. After their copulation, the heroine throws the hero out of her home. We skip to another two years and the hero sees the opportunity to be reunited with the heroine by using her uncle and aunt. There was a funny part in the comic when the hero discovers the heroine's baby boy, "Twenty-old baby boy". The hero can see from the picture as well as dead husband's history of being in hospitals that the boy is his. He goes to the heroine and has her confess the truth. He makes his intentions to be a full time dad open by marrying the heroine. When the topic of marriage comes up, the heroine rejects it, letting slip of what might happen if "that person" finds out. The hero catches the slips then pressures the heroine to reveal who "that person" is. She opens up that four and half years before the heroine made her announcement to marry the friend, the hero's mother told her to break up with the hero with promises of ruining the heroine's family. Promises that were kept and drove the heroine to the US where she met the hero's friend who was on a limited lifespan but didn't want his greedy relatives to get their hands on his money. So, they came up with a plan to have the heroine inherit everything so she wouldn't have to worry about living by going into a contract marriage with the friend. Plus, by receiving the friend's assets, the heroine could protect herself from the hero's mother harming her or any of her family. The hero is overwhelmed by the truth, hurt and saddened by what transpired and he apologizes profoundly to the heroine for all the things he said and did. The heroine apologizes as well for not trusting or going to the hero for help with hurting him too. They come to an understanding, start rebuilding their relationship, and planning their wedding. Then trouble comes along in the form of one of the candidates who hates the hero who's his cousin for what was done to him. He plants the seed of doubt that the hero is only with the heroine for the dead husband's money. She doesn't believe him until he points out the hero lied about where he was. The cousin is right but the hero is not on any pleasure trip but is confronting his mother. The heroine decides to cancel the wedding. She runs back to America but watching her boy cry for his dad reminds her that she loves the hero too and wants him with her. The hero appears and tells the heroine that he went to his mother and made her promise not to do anything to the heroine. He tells the heroine that he loves her and wants to be with her. The heroine says she wants to be with the hero as well. They kiss and hold each other close, that is the happy ending.

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