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Keely can’t believe her own eyes. A new client introduced by her boss is the very person she yelled at over the phone the other day. She can’t absolutely tell anyone about having screamed at this psychologist, Lachlan, on his radio show! Because of her own personal reason, marriage isn’t part of her life plan and her goal is to be successful as a web designer. She’s unsure if he knows about her, but he takes her out and seduces her. If she isn’t careful, he may see through her soul.

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who trusts first 4  4

This is a bit of a psychological one and it's not because the hero's a psychologist himself but rather close to the exercise allowing yourself to fall and trust the other to catch you. So, how the hero and heroine were first introduced is a bit funny. During one of the hero's radio talks, he said something not so positive that angered the heroine enough to call the station and discredit him live on the radio with her real name. They meet face to face when the hero has requested the heroine for a job and she's hoping that he doesn't recognize her name. However, the hero not only recognizes her name by also remembers her voice, so he knows it's her but doesn't say anything. He does do a little teasing as retaliation for her rant on his show but he becomes attracted to her as she does to him. So, he takes her out for the week on the matter of her learning more about him for the project. Even though their time together was fun, the hero sees that the heroine is holding something back from their conversations but he can't force it out of her. Although, it's not just her because when the subject of family is brought up, the hero steers the conversation towards a different matter. After a conversation between them goes south and they spend a little time apart, the hero goes to the heroine to tell her that he really likes her. The heroine tells him that she likes him too and they start to pursue a more personal relationship. This where the the trust fall starts coming into play because the hero is the kind of guy who can't take the idea of a woman having secrets and if the heroine won't tell him hers then he will cut off the relationship. Now, the hero opens up his reason for being a psychologist was his woman who seem to switch from kind to cold and vice versa at the flip of a switch. He opens up easily but the heroine still holds back her secrets because it's tough for any woman to open up how weight issues caused her to go through depressive years as a teenager, developing an eating disorder that hurt her body so bad that it was uncertain of whether she could ever conceive. Then there's the fact that the last guy she dated broke up with her when he found out about the heroine's infertility. The heroine is afraid to tell the hero because she has found herself in love with him. The hero is at a crossroads because he opened up to the heroine and made love but she still held back her secrets. He seems to have forgotten that different people go at different paces when it comes to opening up the hard part of their lives. They don't see each again for another two weeks and by this time, the heroine discovers she's pregnant. So, she calls the hero who has a distant manner towards her to meet at a restaurant. When they meet at the restaurant, the hero not only maintains his distant manner but also reveals that he knew the heroine was the woman who criticized him on the radio. The hero also ends the relationship because the heroine has too many secrets that she won't reveal. So, he ends their relationship and leaves. The heroine runs after him and asks what would he do if she were pregnant. Well, the hero doesn't believe and drives off. He goes to see his dad about his mother and learns something he never knew: his mother was pressured to marry the father when she got pregnant and she suffered from severe depression because the father sensed her drifting her away and restrained her. The news rocks the hero's reasoning and he sees the flaws in his reasoning. The heroine is then requested to do a job, a job that was requested by the hero. The heroine tries to leave but the hero asks about her pregnancy and it spurs her to reveal all her secrets at said earlier. It's quite an emotional scenes but it was very sweet. Two of them talk things out, reconcile with each other, and the hero asks the heroine to marry him. The heroine happily accepts his proposal and we skip to them marrying each other. It was quite a good book to read.

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