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After returning from vacation, Kimberley is suddenly surrounded by the media at the airport. While she’s stunned, not knowing what’s happening, she notices a man slowly making his way toward her. It’s Ric Perrini. What is he doing there? The sudden appearance of her ex-husband, whom she left ten years ago, only confuses her more and reminds her of the nightmare of their ten-day marriage. He only looked for trouble while they were together—is this a harbinger of bad things to come?

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editor's comment - October 13th, 2017

I like how the story started, and how it keep readers wondering why their marraige only lasted for ten days.

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diamonds in the rough 3.5 4  4

The hero and heroine were husband and wife for ten days ten years ago till the heroine demanded a divorce,Now, the two of them are reunited because the heroine's father's plane crash and the first body they discover is the wife of the CEO of the enemy company of heroine's family company who also happens to be the heroine's boss The reason the heroine divorced the hero in the first place because she thought he was using her as a stepping stone getting a promotion at her father's company that the both of them worked at. The rumors about the CEO's wife & father sprout like weeds making a mess of things. So, the hero encourages the heroine go to be with her family in order to clean up the mess but she gives the hero a cold attitude. There's a lot of unrest between these two families, some that started with the father who married daughter of the enemy when he worked under them then named some extremely precious diamonds. Then there's the oldest son's kidnapping and apparent death many years ago topped with their mother's suicide as a reaction from the kidnapping. The heroine and father were also on bad terms because she divorced the hero who the father held in a high regard, even higher than his present son (that will be another harlequin), the father threatens to write the heroine out of his will if she didn't go back to the hero and she didn't and he did it. Now, the problem is maintaining the company's image, which leaves the heroine in a hard place because she wants to help the family but she works for the other company. Plus, her boss isn't making it any easier but he did just find out his wife was with his most hated business rival. In order to solve the issues at present and possibility of the heroine becoming a board member despite she having no rights, she reveals her reason for divorcing the hero who laughs because her last name was more of a disadvantage because people thought it was because of the marriage that he get promotions and not his hard work and smart thinking. With that issue cleared, the hero suggest starting over and the heroine agrees. They spend time together at work since the CEO fired the heroine and out of work. The heroine also brings up some things that the hero kept to himself when they were first together like his family background. The hero talks about how his mother's family disowned her when she eloped with the hero's father but that relationship didn't last long and she had the hero out of wedlock. So, for most of his life, he been put down by a lot of people for being poor, illegitimate, uneducated, and more. This information brings up their relationship to even better level until the heroine's brother reveals of the hero's plan to bring the heroine back to the company no matter the cost and other information. Luckily, this time the heroine talks to the hero before going off and breaking up with him. The hero opens up about his feelings of striving to be the best, so people won't look down on him and the heroine reveals one of her biggest secrets: she can't have children without a miracle. The news does shock the hero but it doesn't stop him from loving the heroine and comforting her when she reveals her secret. The two of them reconcile and hold each other. The heroine does have some doubts of whether she can give the hero what he wants but the hero reminds of treatments and they can adopt It was a very nice ending.

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