Romance A Latin Passion/The Italian Billionaire's Bride

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A Latin Passion/The Italian Billionaire's Bride

While working as a maid at the royal palace and hurrying up the stairs on her first day, Carmelina bumps into a handsome man, making her late for work. The man is Roberto, an old friend of her brother’s. He has returned to his home country after vowing to make his fortune and become a shining success. What should she say to him now that he’s a celebrity so far out of her reach? Her family is poor and their statuses are completely different now... This story (The Italian Billionaire’s Bride) takes place in the Principality of Montvelatte, an island kingdom in the Mediterranean Sea. Also included in this volume is the story A Latin Passion.

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3.5 one is good and the other can be better 4  4

So, I liked the first one: Latin Passion because of the nicely paced build up of the hero and heroine meeting and working even with the fact that the heroine was trying to find information to keep the hero from tearing down her father's sugarcane field whose property rights were stolen by the hero's father. The two of them fall in love but issues like the heroine's mission make her afraid of what would happen if the hero ever found out. However, it turns out that the hero is completely fine with it and we have a lovely ending where he read the will of his late father who wrote don all the dirty dealings he did that included cheating the heroine's father. The two come together and we have a happy romance. The Italian Billionaire Bride, it didn't feel so much as a romance to me for reasons. Now, the hero and heroine knew each other because the hero was friends with the heroine's older brother. Then ten years from current date, he and his family had to move but the heroine thought they had abandoned their small island. Now, they meet again but a lot of things have changed: heroine's family (except for grandma) died in an unfortunate boating accident and the hero became a very rich man. The hero decides to make it all up by buying the heroine a new scooter. Yet, she gets mad because the previous dead scooter before that was a gift from her brother. Afterwards, he pays all the bills for the heroine, despite her objections. These gestures of kindness are really nice but I really wasn't feeling the romance at all. It felt more like he was trying to make up for the lost years and all the hardships that the heroine had suffered. The is cute with the hero bringing back the scooter but it just wasn't to my standards of a romance.

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